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  1. Lol,thanks! This is the watch I have owned the longest. It was one of the watches in Invicta's Abyss series of dive watches made in the 2000s. Here are the other colors they made.
  2. Where I live we don't get much sun in the winter and it can last from October to May so I keep my car in the garage,lol.
  3. I use a CoolFire Solar Charger for my Casio. It works fine to keep my watch charged and doubles as a lume Charger for my non solar watches.
  4. It's "that" time of year so my only excuse to where this watch after Labor Day.
  5. Maybe that is why I was able to get this one,nobody wanted it,lol.
  6. My First Rolex,I got it today. My Baby Blue.
  7. Travis Tan said this today about his HVD brand: "HVD we will always use Handwind movement only. There are still many handwinding options out there for us to explore. HVD will probably not be your mass produced run off the mill kind of watch in your collection."
  8. Ok,thanks! Found an interesting video of aVH31 and Miyota Handwound 6T33(blue is 6T33 and red is VH31).
  9. I think the one I bought is the same as this one. Thanks,I tried to get one of those but they were sold out.
  10. Anyone have a watch with this sweeping quartz movement in it? I bought this one for $69 but haven't received it yet. Like to see what other watches have this movement in it.
  11. Does your watch have Tritium lume? I read an Amazon review of this watch and someone said his watch had it.
  12. I wanted to get a watch like this since I read an article about the Tudor 7923 which I believe is the only Submariner with a manual winding movement. Tudor Submariner 7923.A review of one of the rarest if not THE rarest reference from Tudor.
  13. I think this watch is very different from the others because it is not an automatic. It has a handwind Swiss movement with a push-pull crown. I don't think anyone else makes a diver like that since Christopher Ward stopped making the C65 Trident.
  14. Thanks,how do you like the bezel on your watch? Looks great on that strap!
  15. Bought this watch on eBay today because I wanted a diver. It's my 2nd Precisionist and I bought it from the same seller I got the 1st one from.It is factory refurbished and cost $199.Amazon sells them new for $375. It was the last one he had so I decided to go for it. This is a high accuracy quartz watch with a sweeping seconds hand that beats 16 times per second. I bought this one from him last month for $130. He sold out of these too. I haven't had to change the time since I got it,don't think it has lost or gained a whole second yet.
  16. The things I like about this watch that it is that it has a handwinding Swiss movement,a push-pull crown,an acrylic crystal and lug holes for easy strap changes. Not too many modern divers like that,especially at this price. This was designed by the same people that make RZE watches.
  17. Cool watch designed by Travis Tan and his wife Vivian Ko HVD SpectreDiver: Swiss Handwound Vintage Dive Watch I wanna get one but I am not sure which color to choose. Which do you like? Onyx,Moonstone,Emerald or Azurite?
  18. Thanks guys! Another watch to hide from my girlfriend.
  19. I got this watch yesterday from eBay.
  20. I called the AD I bought my Tudor Black Bay 58(below) from yesterday and asked if she could get me an Explorer. She said she could but it would probably take a couple of months. Is Rolex still making the 39mm Explorer? Some people have told me that I might not be able get one from my AD because Rolex may introduce a new 41mm version in April. Do you think that is true?
  21. I think Tudor Black Bay 58 offers alot Buck for Buck Why The Original TUDOR Black Bay 58 Reigns Supreme
  22. Beautiful! What is the model number of your Sub?
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