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  1. Sounds cool! Do you have a photo of yours? I'd love to see it. Right now I put the Seiko calfskin strap on my Cronos watch and the Cronos suede strap on the Seiko.I switched the buckles too. I also ordered this Dassari strap from StrapsCo. The one I ordered is 20mm
  2. Changed the watch band.The original strap that comes with the watch looks cool but it is really uncomfortable to wear so I changed it to the strap I had on my Cronos watch.That watch came with 2 straps,a rubber one that is now on my Invicta 8928ob and a suede one that I put back on the Cronos
  3. Thanks! I got my watch today.Glad I ordered it when I did because Amazon is sold out now.
  4. I had one in my Amazon shopping cart for a couple of weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger.
  5. I have watches with NH35,Miyota 8205 and Sellita SW200 movements. Can I turn the time backwards tomorrow at 2:00 am or will that hurt these movements?
  6. Cronos Bronze Diver 62MAS is in the Top 5 Watches of Lum-O-Ween 2020! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1w7IuwgqKw
  7. Cronos has free FedEx shipping so it only took 5 days to get it. They customized it with my choice of buckles too.
  8. I got an email from saying my watch was shipped by FedEx,estimated delivery is Wed Nov 25. "Deliveries from China may be delayed"
  9. Zenith used to make an homage of their own watch So the watch I bought is sorta like a homage to a homage
  10. I bought this watch on ebay today from the seller that I bought my Cronos Bronze Diver 62MAS from. It was made at the same factory as my Cronos but this watch has a Sellita SW200 automatic movement. The one I got is bronze but they also make a stainless steel version of this watch. I got it with the SW200 but you can also get it with a PT5000 movement. They are made in the same factory that makes San Martin Watches and parts for alot of Swiss brands.
  11. The Cronos L6005 has a PT5000 movement.
  12. New Cronos L6005 Submariner homage "coming soon"
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