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  1. your Sekonda is made in USSR - means high quality - it's a first very important thing second - they are in gold plated case , just change glass ( or better polish it if there is no any crack ) dial looks perfect And the most thing is - alarm It's a best sekonda model I ever seen - very rare and you can get a good price if you will sell your watch
  2. vintage Amphibia USSR was eternal model. Made in Russia Amphibia looks very similar hope you will enjoy
  3. If you want to know more about your Пилот wristwatch just googl - PILOT BORTOVIE AЧX-B Poljot Chronograph 3133 looks good and I am sure you can find cheaper than 330£
  4. vintage automatic barrel spring and cannon pinion from waltham riverside size Q http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q690/vanjuxa/20160320_234247_zpspdupqaiu.jpg http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q690/vanjuxa/20160320_234247_zpspdupqaiu.jpg http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q690/vanjuxa/20160414_003115_zpstxwqorhh.jpg
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