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  1. Investor Needed - Swiss Watch Brand - Turnaround Hello: For a Swiss Watch Brand with over 40 years tradition we look for an investor with minimum of 10 million $ to complete the turn-around (majority share sale can be considered). There's new management and owner, all liabilities paid back, new designs ready to be manufactured and distributors willing to buy. The only problem remains the lacking cash for working capital + some marketing. We have rich history. Please respond via private message if interested. THANKS!
  2. it's advertised for 100 USD the seller claims to have received this as the gift, i seem to be talking with unexperienced person, he does not know the watch origin the photos does not dispell the doubts to authencity? tha auction ends in 15 minutes... i don tknow if i should bid
  3. I have uploaded this picture on to this website to publish this on this forum so you cannot claim it i upp to watch seller, your browser may be oversensitive i am uploading more detailed photos thanks for taking a look http://pasteboard.co/5rMdT57.jpg http://pasteboard.co/5rPM3OH.jpg http://pasteboard.co/5rSGbGJ.jpg
  4. i use .postimg.org maybe this would work better? http://pasteboard.co/5hsciiM.png
  5. hi, nice to met you all! just am very curious if the unit above is fake or not.
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