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  1. Hi First the good news ... as a relative newcomer to the world of watches I've successfully resolved an intermittent running MST 522 by stripping and cleaning the watch and replacing the mainspring. I'm quite chuffed! Now for the part I need help on please: the date change mechanism. I've found a good picture on the web to help describe where I'm having the issue: MST 522 The date change was not working and I found that the silver 'cam' on the dark brown wheel in this picture had free movement. I could not see how this could then move the silver 'M' shaped rocker you see resting
  2. D'oh! Having dealt with normal crowns, which are obviously solid with a screw thread, I didn't even consider that the sneaky screw down crown would be jointed and have a spring in! Now I feel like a proper charlie! In my defence I haven't purchased said crown yet so couldn't make this link. Thank you Andy and Bruce for your patience with a newbie.
  3. Hi Bruce That's still not making sense in my head. It's that 2.5mm of distance that needs to be overcome with the crown that I have a problem with. In a normal watch the crown doesn't significantly move in and out ... apart from, say, a mm or so when you pull the crown to change the time. If I thread lock the stem to the crown that won't allow for that 2.5mm of screw down crown movement in and out. Hope this makes sense. I'm obviously missing a part of the puzzle!
  4. Hi I've recently got into watches to the extent I'm building my own! The case I have is a divers case with a screw down crown. The case has a thread on it for this type of crown and I don't think I'll have a problem sourcing one off the web. The bit I'm having trouble understanding though is the interaction between the crown and the stem and how things work in practice. So as I see it the crown has an internal 'tube' for the stem and then within the crown 'head' a thread for screwing into the case... If the case screw is 2.5mm deep then as I unscrew it from the case it must
  5. LOL! Well I'll soon find out for myself because I've just 'had' to order some more watch stuff from CousinsUK this weekend ... so included the catalogue in that order. Thanks for the tip as it wasn't obvious you could do this.
  6. Just an update ... I had a delivery from CousinsUK which included the stem I needed. Fitted it yesterday and whilst I could push in and pull out the stem, the latter would not change the hands properly ... way too much resistance. I double checked what I had done and the correct reassembly of the crown pinion mechanism etc. and all seemed okay. Through a process of careful elimination I tracked it down to a train bridge. It seems that someone had perhaps tried to service and had not located a wheel properly so that it sat fully/properly within the jewel on the bridge. This would expl
  7. Thank you so much for these replies. It's sounding very much like it's an unwritten rule that individuals can use CousinsUK as long as there's no comeback etc. I took things a little too much at face value and assumed that they only wanted to deal with big companies ordering lots of parts rather than one or two items which is why they had this restriction. If it's more to reduce my right on comeback to them I can go along with that as without the part(s) I need I have a movement that's beautiful to look at but does nothing! Really useful/reassuring to know that you all use them! And
  8. Thank you so much for finding that. The problem is that CousinsUK only seems to deal with trade customers. In fact I've called them and the person I spoke to at this company confirmed this. He said my best bet would be to find a local watch shop that uses their company for parts. He didn't really want to help beyond that. CousinsUK don't seem to have a 'Local Stockists' page on their website and whilst I could call round local watch shops to see if they happen to deal with CousinsUK and that they'd be willing to obtain a stem for me that would seem an odd approach. There's got to be
  9. Please bear with me as I am very new to watch repair as a hobby and this is my first post on the forum! I've recently got into this fascinating subject and have a number of movements - among them a nice MSR T44. This has no stem however and whilst I've been reliant on ebay for most of my purchases I've come up dry sourcing a stem for this movement. Despite being handy with google I've not found anywhere else to obtain one from. I did find the Ranfft site and information on the MSR T44 which cites stem W3237 and this as a 'Flume' reference number. If I go to the flume.de site an
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