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  1. My entry... DOXA T GRAPH SUB 200, circa 1970 I am told...This is the rarest and most sought after of all Doxa's ever produced, less than 25 copies are known to exist. It is considered to be the best looking Doxa of the 1970's and rarely comes up for sale. These watches were designed to be tools for divers and as such had a difficult life, most examples are battered and beaten. They were not babied and took a lot of abuse. This example has it's share of ageing which only adds to it's appeal. Fortunately despite some wear and tear the case, crystal, bezel, dial, hands and crown are all original. Mark
  2. My pair... A Master-Quartz from about 1975 and a Memovox from 1960-65 I think. If anyone could help pinning down exact dates it would be appreciated. Mark
  3. I like it, particularly on the strap. I have an explorer and don't find 36mm a problem. Mark
  4. I recently bought a Secrid wallet, and would recommended them. Got it online from 'slim wallet junkies' !?! Funny name but the service was very good. Mark
  5. Was very unimpressed last couple of times at Haydock ( probably 18months/2 years ago ) . Left with nothing ! Mark
  6. I've been to the Haydock one a few times. Mark
  7. Agreed. I picked this up because I liked it. I think it was the right money, if I ever flip it I would hope to break even ( or not loose too much !) Mark
  8. Is that a 1952 Vincent black lightning ? To quote Ricard Thompson .
  9. I've sold many things on eBay ( under a different user name ). It's a long , slow, process building up a good feedback, but that's as it should be - buyers should be confident that you are honest, trustworthy and reliable. I am not a dealer or trader. Mark
  10. I rely on the eBay feedback when buying - anything less then 95%, proceed with caution ! Mark
  11. Ditto. ( apart from the Leeds supporter bit -Wigan Latics - see you next season! ) Mark
  12. Good discription, but you die looking cool!
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