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  1. That’s great thanks for your help. I have many watches I don’t know anything about I just buy and collect the watches I like not just the brands.
  2. Hi would just like to share a few photos of my seiko bellmatic alarm watch. Can’t see many around that have a numbered dial any comments appreciated thanks mike. F65396F6-E712-4259-8758-9B37B722F9ED by Lavino lavino, on Flickr E33B6A06-5CB9-44DF-82BD-9D457AE3BE56 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr 7AE14266-9115-46E7-AA4B-033577BBC5AB by Lavino lavino, on Flickr
  3. Surely someone can throw a bit of light on it for me. Good or bad I don’t mind.
  4. Hi can anyone help bought this manual wind watch but can’t find anything on internet about it it’s manual wind with alarm function any help appreciated.
  5. Ok thank you very much.apprjecate it.
  6. Bump surly someone can help me out here.
  7. Hi can anyone help me with this watch I don't know anything about it and can't find one like it on the internet. It's a windup watch gold face and the hands shine blue in the light. And a know the strap isn't original not sure about the back. Any info like year would be interesting thanks in advance.
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