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  1. Cool thanks thought i would get a quarts one forst to see what the quality was like before getting an automatic one :D
  2. I have recently ordered this BUREI Watch from amazon for £50 wondering if anybody has had any experience with these watches as it has a Japanese Quarts movement.
  3. The hall marks are 375 which is 9crt gold I think and on the inside of the back case it's says Stockace British made G.A.S with a 9 stamped and also and A stamped but that's all I can find.
  4. Thank you....i will have to have a check when i get home for hall marks in the case and get back to you
  5. I have a digital Casio that say 10 year life on it and its been going strong for close to 15 years now
  6. Here we have my Roamer 17 Jewel. i dont know much about it at all apart from its Swiss made. I found it when clearing out my fathers belongings after he passed away. Just wanting to see if anyone can put a rough date to it and maybe a model name/number as there is nothing on the watch to tell me. The case is 9crt Gold.# Any help will be much appreciated.
  7. ohh yeh SE of Glasgow, Nope sorry dont know of any frankie's. Well i say im from Oban but really i live 12 miles outside Oban in a small village called Taynuilt. Yes its a lovely place lived here for all of my 25 years of life and to be perfectly honest i dont think i will ever leave.
  8. I am one of them that over looked them to begin with but now after owning it for a few days im taken back by its quality! I'm from Oban on the west coast, i see you are from Scotland too where are you?
  9. Thanks, a work mate of mine bought it in the states a long time ago (he says 20 years ago but not sure) and its been sat in a drawer at his house for the last 5-10 years unused so when he noticed i had taken an interest in watches he offered to sell it to me for £20 and no that is not a typo! £20 hard to say no to that!
  10. Thanks for the welcome. Few pictures of my collection as it stands....NOTE: Please pay no attention to the REPLICA Breitling Navitimer (it was a gift from a loved one so couldn't refuse it) Pulsar Wired Sector Expander 202 Roamer (Gold case) Dont know much about it. Fossil Akribos Automatic Brietling Navitimer REPLICA (Was a gift so couldn't refuse it) Collection: My Fossil: My New Sector Expander 202: My Roamer 17Jewel (Need more information on this as i have no clue about it. Cant find a model name/number on it but the case
  11. Hello from Scotland, I'm relatively new to collecting watches so my collection is not that exciting but as with everything you start from the bottom and work your way up. looking forward to learning more about watches getting to know more people with the same interests as myself. Thank Rory Craig
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