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  1. an Apeks diver for use on the kayak (worn outside the dry suit on the sea). Looks like a nice piece of kit for the price (£79 - free postage from Mike's Diveshop). Its the 200 metre one if you want to look on the Apeks website. Made in the UK from a Seiko movement and a stainless case/rubber strap. Very happy with it, and surprised that it's put together in the UK.
  2. I use Leica, Mamiya (shutters by Seiko Corp), some rubbish digi by Fuji, and the latest addition - a Czechoslovakian Flexaret Standard. Made for one year only - 1964. Came with a really nice fitted leather case. Tessar-type lens, Compur-type shutter. All mechanical.
  3. For work - the Rav4. For being daft - the Triking!
  4. This is a bit different. An early medieval misericord in Ludlow. These are carved underneath the seats of pews so that monks and choristers can have a sit down when the seats are folded up and they are meant to be standing in a long service. The seat is one solid piece of oak. It probably started off four or five inches thick. Leica 111c, 3.5/5cm uncoated Elmar - available church light.
  5. And another, possibly my best shot this year. Usual set-up. Wartime Leica and pre-war lens. Cheapie Fuji film.
  6. Nice Autumn shot.. The Rocks - salmon beat - River Wye October 2016. 1940 Leica 111c, pre-war Leica 3.5/5cm Elmar lens.
  7. Just buy a nice fillum camera. You can buy a really good film camera for £100 on the bay of e. Or - upgrade your phone. Simples!
  8. And a modern Leica camera and lens - film, natch.
  9. This is a post-war lens from the 50's/60's - Leica and film.
  10. The batteries are cheap enough - just buy a new one, surely?
  11. I took this one last week - film, with a wartime Leica and pre-war lens. I'm delighted with the result!
  12. The Triking - empty roads, great weather, and no roof, reverse or radio!
  13. I've had several MGB's over the years. Enjoyed them all, to varying degrees. First of all congratulations - she looks lovely, and also well done for buying the chrome bumper - one of my cars was a rubber bumper BGT and apart from the spoiled looks the ride was not as good. Something to do with different suspension set-up and the car being slightly raised. Mechanical problems tend to be few and far between with the B and Midget. The parts are all standard, and well-tested. I would be looking at fuel-pump electrical connections if I were you, and of course it's possible you have a faul
  14. That's to get around paying Council Tax (and allow the site owner time to refurb the site without punters around). The dodge is to lock up at the beginning of the six-week break, and short-term rent a cottage or farmhouse.
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