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  1. Nice for what they are I'm sure, but the same site has brogue style, which is the sort I'm looking at personally. Pretend I'm a landowner toff gadding about town. https://www.trickers.com/uk/mens/country-boots/malton-c-shade-heavy-brogue-boot-commando
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. One of them leads to the below, which is very smart I must say, would have to up the budget though, but quality costs sometimes. https://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-tweed-r-wingcap-brogue-boot-in-dark-leaf-calf-leather-dainite-rubber-sole-p502
  3. I'm sure you're a stylish lot. Anyone have recommendations for traditional shoemakers shoes/boots? I'm thinking of treating myself to some proper good boots, there must be several makers in the UK and abroad that do classic footwear, but I don't know them. Any suggestions? I already have bookmarked Velasca (Italian shoemaker that delivers here inexpensively) and Loake shoemakers (who incidentally have a sale on). Budget within roughly £300, which both mentioned sites do.
  4. I got this recently for an older relative, nice clear big (but not huge on the wrist) face. https://www.watchshop.com/unisex-lorus-alarm-watch-r2303hx9-p99957603.html Might fit the bill.
  5. If I'm correct, this is similar to free MS Office online (attached to an outlook.com e-mail), or Google Docs (attached to a gmail account)? If that's the case, maybe either of those would be better options? I may be incorrect, as I'm only vaguely familiar with Zoho, I've never used them.
  6. Scroll down on the above link to watch online. To add to the pleasure you'll also find a video of the invention of electronic bidet toilets!
  7. Saw this advertised this weekend, 15 min programme on NHK world (available on Sky/Virgin/Freeview). This Thursday, 19th. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/topinventions/20180719/2072005/
  8. The thing is tho, any miscreant is going to see a safe and think it's pay day, and lift it (if it's not nailed down). That's why if I got a safe, I'd put a token thing in, and hide my valuables somewhere else. Same with fireproff safe boxes, if I can carry it, so can a thief.
  9. Looking good. I have solar powered PADI, they're great watches. As it happens, I swapped the bracelet for a red/white/blue strap, it looks cool.
  10. Now that is blingin', I must get one, where's me trackies at?
  11. That nose is a thing of beauty. I can only wonder.
  12. What's wrong with Krug Baumen!? They're quality watches, mine was reduced from nearly a grand! P.S> Thanks for the link to peruse.
  13. It was a metallic sound, like metal on metal, but not aggressively so, bearings noise would seem about right. Or the rotor on the mechanism slightly rubbing (needing oil?). But as long as it's normal, I can sleep easy tonight.
  14. Last night I wore out to a special occasion my recently purchased Orient bambino. I took it out the watch box, and as I held it in my fingers to rotate it to life, I noticed there was an audible noise from it, not a lot, but I could hear. And it vibrated as the rotor (I think that's what it's called, I should know by now) moved in the case. Should there really be noise and vibration from a new automatic? I'm not familiar with them, this is my only one, and the first time wearing it properly.
  15. <<<--- My haggis is the otherwise extinct grey long-haired haggis, known only to exist in captivity, namely in my garden shed, where he has a lovely wee nest. I've tried breeding him, but he's slightly aloof, I fear he may be gay.
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