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  1. Cheers Vinn - of Course - Alcohol is always the place to start !!... I have a cheap ultrasonic cleaner - is this going to be useful, should I use methanol in that ?
  2. After having spent a few years in small scale models and robotics, I've got the bug for vintage watches, but am a total newbie - hope I can find some good advice here. First up I've inherited a few watches so experimenting with the more disposable first - I have a nice silver 1890 Fusee lever escapement watch which appears intact, but chain and hairspring are detached (I'm saving this for when I've had a bit of practice). I'm trying to work out how to add pictures here, but the sponsor mark is - J.B. in a rectangle. I can't find an online example to match. Expect this to come from the Manchester / Cheshire area questions 1/ Can I use MEK (Methly Ethyl Ketone) as an organic cleaning solvent ? 2/ I know one should not attempt to clean coins, is this also true of silver watch cases which are tarnished ? 3/ I can't identify the sponsor's mark on the silver - JH I think - my reading of the hall marks is Stirling Silver, Birmingham, and 1890 - Did I get this right?) Seems Like these fetch about £75 UK from what Ebay says, not working and about £200 if I can fix it - so this is my goal. I'd really appreciate some help for a true novice who really needs some help and guidance in a new and fascinating hobby . Cheers A
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