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  1. Newmark 6BB Chronograph reissue today.
  2. This for me not brand new, simple, easy to read and a quick pick up and go. The watch is pretty much the same.
  3. Today it's the Smiths PRS-57 Monopusher for me. And a shot from yesterday.
  4. I haven't seen this before thanks but i can imagine him taking no nonsense from the way he speaks on the phone.
  5. I sent mine to Ronald England in Derby i contacted Silvermans and they put me in touch with him. ronald.england1@ntlworld.com
  6. This today for monkeying around with the abundance of clocks within the house. Gorillas G-Shock.
  7. Simple and lightweight for a Thursday evening, and the watch too. PRS-10 for me. cheers.
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