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  1. BOOM. Cheers for the heads up Davey. Trying hard not to buy anything but at some prices its just to much of a temptation to resist. And now its just a case of I thought the red button meant cancel shopping basket!
  2. There seems to be a lot of these smaller mens watches available atm, i picked up a nice looking Bulova a few weeks ago for £14.00 that with a service, will make a nice watch for either a lady or gent. But Scott is right, how cool to have your Grandfathers watch. Nice one.
  3. Luckily i managed to get five in an auction a few months ago, Marine, Navy, a standard W10 and 80 and 82 fatboys , all from a collection that was being sold off. I find they are just the right size for my skinny wrists. ,
  4. Picked up my CWC 82 W10 this morning, think i made the right choice not to have the dial and hands re-lumed so just the stem repair, re-seal and new battery. Thought it cleaned up rather well tho next time i might ask for them to do it as the damn Macro mode shows me up again!!
  5. Thanks davidcxn. Of course the one great advantage is there is never any arguments.
  6. Loved your little face the moment i saw you, partially dressed in gold plate. Dirty and Cheap just what i wanted. A bit rough on the surface, and belive me i think you have some issues on the inside. But with a bit of work we can make you whole again.
  7. I brought 2 small plastic cases containing picture hooks of varying sizes in eight small compartments for £3.00, emptied the contents of one into the other and hey presto a bright yellow box just right for small objects, pins, batteries odds and sods. And there is always something that needs hanging on the wall. Bonus!
  8. Wow nearly 12 months since the last post here, and here's my first SMITHS watch. A 1963 ASTRAL . That should be first post not last! It's not the eyesight, honest guv...
  9. Happy Friday. From Sunny (ish) Burntwood.
  10. Went off to pulminary rehab this morning (zumba for the breathless) knowing this little beauty was on it's way. A 1963 SMITHS ASTRAL. My first non-military watch, full english and a fantastic buy from Scott (thanks). and as i see it the first of many birthdate birthday pressies for me, well if her majesty can have more than one surely multiples are allowed?
  11. Yes you are correct and after a lot of research i am still puzzled as to why but this movement is in both the 1980 and 1982 fatboys changing in 1983 for just one year to a ESA 947.121 movement then in 1984 to the thinner fatboy with a ETA 555.112 movement, i am lucky to have the "80" , "82", "84" and a few after 1988 but not the 1983.
  12. New purchase Precista 1980 Fatboy, running great may need a little clean later, but all in all well chuffed with this one . Must be going doolally it's supposed to say 1982 but alas no prize for spotting the deliberate mistake
  13. Welcome from Sunny but cold Burntwood Craig.
  14. As far as i can make out the watch changed in 1982 when they incorperated an oval around the CWC logo, then again in 1983 when the movement changed and the battery hatch became offset. Then in 1984 it got slimmer, the movement changed and the battery hatch returned to the centeral position. But as for this one marked 80 it could have been made anywhere between 1979 and 1980 and in the stores until it was issued in 1980. Regards Paul.
  15. This watch was part of an auction lot comprising of a fatboy (80) with another fatboy ( 82) and a 0552 (89) the latter of which is at the doctors atm. None were working (hence the low price) and each will be restored to a working condition, as the back was removable with my thumb nail i thought i would take the chance to post some photo's of the (80). Now just to crack on and get them done.
  16. Hi Lewie. And welcome from "Extra Sunny Burntwood".
  17. Thanks Vinn, much appreciated welcome. Cheers for the welcome, it's great to find this Forum.
  18. This was the first puchase that got me hooked. Boy did i not know how addictive this could be. .
  19. I think that ends up being the thing that happens unfortunatley with the more desirable watch, they become less wearable like you say lest they get broken which is why starting at the lower end of the market some will stay as keepers for every day use hopefully. This is the "84" G10 that was my first purchase of any military watch.
  20. Hey there Chally2. I'm hoping carrying a truncheon in Nuneaton was part of your job and not a reflection on the locals. And having done some deals over in Dudley in a past life it made me smile how less than 15 miles apart the accents could be so different. The weather is great here in "Sunny Burntwood" today and i hope the sun is shining on your patch of this great country today.
  21. No i was a Terrace boy but i did have quite a few mates who spent there junior years up there. And used to knock about on the local butchers step in our wayward teen days. Mmm browsing through various posts earlier i happened upon a "Birthdatewatch" post" thinking that may be rather interesting i followed the provided link and WHAM!! So far my birthdate has been in so many decades since the Twenties that i must have been reincarnated at least seven times, think i need a major lotto win!
  22. No i was a Terrace boy but i did have quite a few mates who spent there junior years up there. And used to knock about on the local butchers step in our wayward teen days.
  23. As i'm led to belive there are three different thickness case sizes in the quartz G 10 of which i think i have. Two of one size an "80" and "82" (which need some attention) in another auction buy and the "84" G 10 which was my first buy, pictures to come as they are healed.
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