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Status Updates posted by brummie1875

  1. Don't know whether my message has sent Bill, tbh I'm  now doubting whether I even pressed the send button last night? Can you pm me your choice and details please.

    Cheers Paul.

  2. New Site layout looking great Scott, pictures really jump out of the screen, easy enough to negotiate way round, liking the drop down menus for each decade/year. Super Job mate :thumbs_up:

    1. scottswatches


      Thanks. Doing that sort of stuff is a PITA for me, so I appreciate the feedback :thumbsup:

  3. Noted that both Maranez and Armida both use CC Now? is this an actual company or just a middle man? And what if any has been your experience with these ie)  Shipping/Taxes Delivery times any info would be greatfully recieved :)

    Cheers Paul.

    1. Roy


      All good, arrived within 3 days with no customs charges. Ccnow are just a payment gateway for them.

    2. brummie1875


      Cheers Roy great to know :thumbsup:


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