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  1. craig12

    e bay queery

    hey presto I was outbid 2 hours after
  2. craig12

    e bay queery

    why is it that when you bid on a watch on e bay that has no bids and youre the first bidder , within a few minutes or hours youre outbid , nobody was bidding for days , then suddenly cos you show an interest theres counter bids , im confused am I right in thinking its pointless bidding until the very last minutes of the auction
  3. I don't ask for much in life , ill never be rich, ill never win the lottery, bills keep coming, so imagine my joy when my neighbour just took in my rotary watch I ordered , a £20 beauty new strap pretty near pristine condition , I cant wait to open the package , carefully cutting just the last inch off the sealed padded envelope , to reveal ………..oh no the seller put the watch in corner to corner with the watch strap flat , yep you guessed it ive just cut through the last inch of the strap and the last 2 adjustment holes , I don't ask for much in life , now ive got a strap with a 45 degree slash on it , ah well new strap I suppose
  4. rotary g3039 ive bought
  5. it sure is and im unable to be cured , just ordered a rotary sports watch for £20 posted its the one that looks like the breitling colt , everyone seems to do one lorus pulsar etc , just loved it seemed to be in nearly mint condition …………..nurse
  6. I totally agree sir , I love the breitlings they seem to get such a slating some of the models but I love em , , I dream of buying a colt for under £500 ah well we can all dream
  7. I know that title dosent really make sense , but if you was a watch collector who could afford anything , as a lower price entry watch that was well respected what would you buy , im a novice but the rolex air king came to mind , but that's just my very inexperienced guess , or a tudor perhaps or grand Seiko . im trying to imagine with the millions of watches to buy what a watch collector would know was a safe bet say under £2500
  8. just came across this brand while searching the bay , and wondered where it slotted in quality wise , ie lower to mid or mid to higher quality , or poor to lower , any help would be very welcome thank you , seen an open heart one that's quite nice
  9. I wonder if anyone can help me please , this is going to sound nonsense as im a watch novice , so I wonder if I may ask your help please in trying to identify a watch style please and who makes good quality ones at sub £150 ill use roamer and Thomas Earnshaw as examples but im wondering if there are better examples the style id say is a dress watch , they usually have a flat sided round case , cases can be a bit deeper , they very often have a blue face or silver textured ,almost mirror shine, sometimes with an open heart, sometimes deployment clasp, look very very expensive , date window , I could best describe them as trying to copy the very expensive flyback retro grades , but that's a poor description anyone know who makes nice ones sub £150 if you think you know the style im trying to describe nearest I could describe is orient envoy
  10. just adding up the money ive spent on watches that all don't suit me , avi-8 hurricane , de Tomaso , and a couple of others , I think everyone should think about the watch size to size of wrist , my best fitting watch is a accurist tank , £49 love it and bought a tank watch from roy for £37 that fits good as well , a fancy picture grabs your attention , and then when it arrives ,disappointment , looks clumsy on
  11. im having a problem with the 3000 limited edition limit , is a watch really that limited at 3000 , if they have loads of different models all being produced in 3000 batches , that's an awful lot of watches , id say limited edition should be 250-750
  12. retro grade /flyback/complication/textured dials , just fantastic items / the longines master collection , stare in awe
  13. I think its a colours thing , I was searching the other day for yellow orient , id heard the yellow orients were a rare usa item , guess what I don't need a yellow orient , don't get me started on moonphase , I could look at them all day
  14. I wondered if watches were like an illness , you only ever need 1 to tell the time , they depreciate 90% of the time , so why buy more than 1 ? I found myself looking at e bay today at wengers , Christ I don't need a wenger I don't need a Victorinox , I don't need any of em ive already got 4 to tell the time why do we buy loads of watches ? doctor hellllllllllllllllllp
  15. this brand of watch is really getting to me , super selling salesman on tv channels going on about its robust this and that , all steel Russian this and that and men in rockets to -50000 degrees and it still works , hand crafted by skilled technician , etc etc blah blah , are they really any good , or is a Tissot, Seiko a better buy , im temted to buy a used piece sub £200 , but is it a real piece of Russian impossible to break brilliance , or over hyped run of the mill ? sorry I meant the more expensive vostok Europe , not the lower price vostoks
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