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  1. Thanks chaps - there was no other position than the one pull out - a nice simple design - I'm now running the correct UK time and date - EXCELLENT. Nice little watch this!
  2. I have a nice vintage 1978 (I believe) Timex Marlin watch pictured here - but I can't fathom out how to change either the day or date? The crown is either 'in' to wind it up or 'out' to change the time. Am I missing something?
  3. Nice looking watches - the fusion range has it's appeal for sure! The crystal on the one I own is near enough perfect - I can see marks - but I have to tilt the watch to catch the light so that the mark can be seen. On a casual glance it looks immaculate.
  4. Great to know there are even Fusion collectors out there! I've just invested in a lifetime battery from Timpsons - a tad expensive but - perhaps worth it because it's in excellent condition with only a few marks on the crystal that I can see. Have you got this one ?
  5. I happened to come across this Lorus Fusion watch - now Lorus isn't as prestigious as Seiko but - I thought it looked pretty space-age funky interesting. Anyone know much about this particular watch - or does anyone own anything similar?
  6. Looking for this watch online it seems to be the same as this one: https://sg.carousell.com/p/g-shock-dw6800-g-1v-151560101/ A DW-6800G-1V
  7. Ah OK, that's interesting thanks. I just get mixed messages when I research this particular watch. For example, there were models that soon superseded this one where the italic automatic seen on my dial, was replaced with 'Presage Automatic' - plus other snippets.
  8. Being a novice but appreciating G-Shocks - I've bought a new old stock DW-6800 as seen the the pics - with Japan on the back and possibly the rarer Gold LCD variant - anyone care to fire across more info about this particular watch? I always learn tons on this useful forum!
  9. Great news thanks! So if the watch is made in Japan does that make it an JDM? Or is that nonsense! The watch if really good looking on the wrist. Do you have a pic of the front too?
  10. I've recently bagged this Seiko Presage. It looks very nice but does not seem to be that common (I can't find it on eBay or eBay's finished items). From my own research is was their premium model range back in 2016 - but that may be incorrect. Also does 'Made in Japan' make this a JDM watch? I don't know much about that term but thought I would ask anyway. I'm assuming it's genuine... there seem to be a batch load of fake Seiko's out there. Thanks everyone!
  11. I've been looking and researching this particular Seiko 5 watch on the net in search of the exact same dial and can't find one anywhere - is this one a unique face? Or has it been modded to get this way? Thanks.
  12. Is £180 sensible... I don't know - I guess I can research it somehow.
  13. Seriously though, when comparing it against my other divers watch below - I feel perhaps I should just keep the Padi over this vintage example - I don't want to amass a collection unnecessarily. What do you all think? Should I sell it in its preserved state rather than opening and using something that has never been used (it would seem) since its inception in 1991! I don't think I would like to muddy the NOS status it has right now!
  14. This is all great information thank you. The watch I have illustrated here still has its tag and hasn't been worn, with its original box! What do I do with it? I have plenty of watches but there is something about this one .....
  15. Here's the closest match of a black dial variant pictured on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seiko-SGEF89P1-Wrist-Stainless-Silver/dp/B007XNP9MQ
  16. I've just had a look. Firstly, sorry to hear about your fathers passing ... So this is the automatic variant of my quartz! As most people say, it's simple and elegant. Almost identical on the face, but on closer inspection I notice where the hands crossover at the bottom, your watch is slightly different - and the markers around the face are tapered on my watch. At first I did not notice anything at all. When you get a chance - post a photo of your quartz model.
  17. Here's another pic to put the watch in perspective...
  18. Thanks again for your feedback. Looking at this watch you can admire its pure simplicity as you say. I'm looking forward to seeing your example (and anyone else's if indeed anyone else has one). It's time to ramp up Google's search statistics on this watch by introducing others here on this forum who own the same or very similar design.
  19. I acquired this watch last week because it looked interesting - anyone know much about it? Sorry it's only a quartz and not mechanical - but it does have a few complications .... See pic:
  20. I wouldn't mind seeing it when you get a chance - there don't seem to many about in the UK so yours would be a welcome relief. By pure coincidence, I bought another Seiko - because it looked interesting - which again is a Quartz movement! I've started a separate thread about it to find out more ....
  21. It's an elegant design, but when I used Google to find out anything about it, all I come across are non-working sample watches - and not a full working version. This one I have in the picture here is a fully working Seiko 7N42-0FG0. Any Seiko buffs out there come across this one before? They don't seem to be common place!
  22. Well obviously your Arnie looks fab too! Anyhow - the watch adventure continues, I wonder what I will come across next? Many here seem to like the divers - I also picked up a manual-wind vintage Longines from cash converters about 3 Months ago, which is the pole opposite of a diver and I think it looks rather sophisticated.
  23. Thanks, I Googled and found that exact same document - I don't think there's a way of synchronsing apart from doing it manually. The watch seems to have come back to life fully - so all good there. Once the oil has thinned by warming up - does it stay that way? Or should I as a precaution get a service from Seiko themselves?
  24. You've had a 'few' Arnies - does that make them quite common now? That one you are showing is in excellent condition! Where did you get it serviced (assuming you had it serviced)? Gradually, over time, the ticker is ticking more reliably - we are talking almost 100% of the time which is amazing!! These things must free themselves up with use assuming this has been sitting idol for a very long time! Once I am comfortable that this movement has come back to life - is there a way of synchronsing the seconds with the minute hand like you can do with more modern designs?
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