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  1. Yes sorry, I'm a newbie and I'm learning - So many different movements - not sure if there is a 'best' -: wind-up, self wind (automatic), kinetic (automatic that charges capacitor), Solar - like the Citizen eco-drive, simply battery quartz - is that it ??? Anyone running watches by biodegradable waste yet?
  2. Yes I think it is - I wasn't on the look out for a Longines as such - I was looking out for a stylish dress watch and concluded that I liked the look of the Seiko Men's Presage - this vintage Longines just happened to catch my eye for sale in cash converters of all places.
  3. Actually can you recommend me a complimentary leather strap style that will really show off this excellent watch?
  4. OK good to know (yet again from you amazing informative folks on this forum).
  5. I looking for further information on mechanical Timex watches - this example in the picture is - I believe - a hand wind example (not automatic although it did start moving when tried on the wrist without having to wind?), and indicates that it's made in Great Britain. It's for sale nearby - is something like this a good quality timepiece? It's certainly in good cosmetic condition! Online I noticed other examples that looked exactly like this that were stamped made in Taiwan which I thought was odd.
  6. Yes that looks pretty close - especially reference to the ‘linen textured’ finish referring to the dial, which is so evident on mine - albeit the sub-second hand design is different . So more than likely I'm looking at at 12.68Z movement - I have to get someone to take the back off for me so that I can see for myself. I wouldn't mind finding out its value either, my guess would be in excess of £500 perhaps.
  7. That's useful for starters thanks. Although mine is not gold - this example does not have minute markers either and has the same stamped crown: http://www.vintage-watches-collection.com/watch/longines/longines-gold-1962/
  8. Can anyone tell me about this specific Longines Watch. All I know is that it's likely to be between 50's and 70's in terms of the era - and that it is simply a hand wind watch. THANK YOU. See pics ...
  9. In addition, I bought this Seiko 5 (see photo below) for peanuts in Cash Converters - I couldn't help myself! It fitted as soon as I tried it on and I thought it looked like a really nice dress watch (at least in my opinion) .... I thought at first it was faulty because I couldn't change the day like I could on the silver watch - but by accident I found out that the day changed by pressing in the crown! Funny the variations of the 5 out there in my limited experience:
  10. I can't find a serial number along the edge like you can in your example - I guess this clearer picture below shows that the serial number was on the back after all...
  11. Thanks for all your input - I sent it back to the seller in the end for a full refund. Even though I sent the watch back - after seeing this on eBay - I am now wondering if Fortis did have a moment in time where they were selling off these as promotional watches and in fact they really are RARE! Oh dear - have I made a boo boo?
  12. Sorry I'm going through a box of hand-me-down watches right now; currently I'm trying to find out about this specific Rodania watch - I am looking for this specific model which I assume is the 2901 50 showing on the back - but Google comes up with nothing! Nothing that even looks like this watch. So does anyone here have a Rodania catalog or something where I might find sight of this watch?
  13. I don't really know. The re-dial was done really well (if it is a re-dial) - from what should be an original genuine Swiss Fortis Watch. I was going to take it back because I suspect this is not all original (the dial and the fancy hands being suspect) - but it winds smoothly and keeps time - I wanted to give it as a present to a bridge player.
  14. Thanks - do you think this is a re-dial job, or would Fortis have produced a novelty watch like this?
  15. I've got this unusual looking vintage FORTIS which also reads PRODANOX - what does that mean? If you Google prodanox you don't get much!
  16. It looks exactly the same right the way down to the movement? But looking at the back closely there are some differences in the make up. Excellent price at the moment though!
  17. So how does that work then? This watch was definitely amongst a collection of other old vintage watches (either altogether) stored for approx. 20 years? Is yours 'new old stock'? Do you have a link on Amazon? Is the movement the same, the one I have is 7S26.
  18. I started this thread, so, in coming back to it I have finally got a Seiko 5 Watch - by coincidence actually - handed down to me from friends of the family. This is what it looks like... does anyone know how old this particular Seiko 5 is. BTW it's working perfectly after being stored for about 20 years; I believe the collector before me purchased this second hand at the time:
  19. Thanks again - I know very little about watches but still like them.
  20. I was considering a vintage one - so far I don't like to look of 'any' modern watches. But, OK, the one in the picture is over priced. The dirt showing on the top is from the glass display cabinet and not on the watch itself.
  21. As in the title - are these watches any good? I quite fancied the one in the picture that was selling on the market for £40.
  22. OK OK we're having a joke at the expensive of my naivety - keep it going lads
  23. OK so what do I need to look for on the Crown? Here's another picture...
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