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  1. I'm trying to find a manual for this watch - can't find one anywhere and it's not on Casio's website. The actual model number is a Casio 389 - here's a link to an immaculate version (that sold some time back) with the original manual. http://aucview.aucfan.com/yahoo/h172249345/
  2. It's a Casio AD-500, that's all I really know - and the more I look at it even on this forum let alone my wrist, the more I like it. Lovely looking thing especially with the white face (they did a black face version of this watch too). My son says he wants one just like it! Guess I've got to buy another one if I can find one.
  3. OK let's try that again because I can't edit the post above - see either link for the watch i chose (which I really like) https://www.flickr.com/photos/96880970@N05/shares/W2D19a ...or hopefully the pic is below - if not - sorry I'm not sure how to show photos on a post sorry..
  4. Well I finally did it, this is now my first vintage watch.... I'm on a slippery road now
  5. I'm trying to find all these off the wall citizen models and can't seem to find other designs similar? Where do I find / import them? Oh and if you want to sell me yours Keep these ideas rolling in - I feel I am getting somewhere! And no I don't own a Yacht - but I thought that Casio AD-500 was a different looking animal and that's what i'm looking for (without being too whizzy in that it's tasteless with excessive flashing lights etc). So - no one here can advise on the AD-500?
  6. Now "this" is what I'm talking about! Unique and interesting looks (yet still a reliable good quality watch to boot).
  7. You've all been helping me out greatly - but has anyone got any views on a Casio AD-500 Yacht Watch made in Japan as mentioned earlier?
  8. Anyone got any views on a Casio AD-500 Yacht Watch made in Japan? Local shop is selling this vintage model for about £70 (I could probably knock him down) - but seeing as I know nowt about watches your opinion counts. It sort of looks interesting at least! And it is vintage. But is it worth it?
  9. I worked out that this is a Japanese ORIENT watch - the range looks very nice - this one ticks my boxes: http://bbwatches.info/orientcalgreensteel2.php
  10. Nice looking watch once again!!! Have you got any more info on it! That one looks vintage.
  11. Certainly well within budget - I'm now looking for a Vostok with 'interesting' features. That doesn't stop other recommendations - and I am still very keen on the red led watch from Gerlach seen earlier, and other Gerlach watches can look good too. So, Vostok and Gerlach - where next ?
  12. I found an article on the Vostok Amphibia here: http://thewatchface.com/vostok-amphibia-review/ So as a vintage Vostok, do you think I can find the watch model that the USSR Cosmonauts wore in space (seen in the article)?
  13. Interesting - any reason why they are so cheap generally speaking ... Are they a poor quality watch?
  14. The more I think about it, the more I'm not sure. the picture above (with my limited knowledge) look like ordinary watches with nothing 'interesting' or 'different' from your ordinary watch face. I guess I'm looking for something 'quirky' - that stands out as very interesting to look at and not just to the trained eye.
  15. That's a lot of watches to sift through, but I think it will be worth it. Any of these comparable to a modern day expensive Rolex in terms of quality - but 'still' in and around the £200 mark?
  16. Actually I "do" like that style! It stands out from the ordinary watch which is something I'm looking for. Pull back the shirt cuff and something like this would invoke discussion like "wow where did you get that from"? Would have preferred old, but this new style is good.
  17. Thanks for the quick response! £200 seems about right but I would stretch this a little if the result if a 'gem' for the money. Give me something vintage / used that would be comparable to a modern Rolex perhaps. A stylish dress watch (for a man of course) - I even sometimes like those old red digital readout watches (forgive my basic ability of expressing myself when it comes to watches). Sports watches I would say no to.
  18. I wonder if anyone here can recommend a good looking 'vintage' watch that would be interesting to look at. Any recommendation really. But please can you make it affordable and reliable. Friends and relatives are getting smart modern watches - but I want to buck the trend and be 'more' interesting. If anyone here is thinking of selling one - please get in contact. Or if there are any good pointers on eBay (Gumtree etc) - please let me know because "I haven't a clue". Thanks.
  19. Hi all, this is my first ever post on here - I've got this Acctim clock in my possession and I can't find out anything about it on the web so I am hoping you will help. Here's a link to the pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96880970@N05/shares/LnQQ2w It's a very authentic vintage looking clock, but the numbers on the back suggests it was made in 04/09 (April 2009). It's authentic in the sense that it's made in metal and feels quite heavy and solid with an old wind up mechanism. My own research leads me to an Amazon listing here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acctim-13832-Finchley-Cream-Keywound/dp/B002ATI2D6/275-9687536-4418809?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 You can see that it's near identical - but there are some clear confusing differences! 1/ the customer reviews complain that the base is plastic, where in my case the base is certainly metal, 2/ one says the cream on the case is a different shade to the colour on the clock, in my case the colours match perfectly, 3/ the hands on Amazon are luminous, mine are not, 4/ I cannot see the alarm indicator hand on the Amazon image, mine clearly has that additional alarm pointer. Why the key but significant differences ???
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