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  1. Thanks guys, ive had a little look and well it seems like good examples of the watch is pretty pricey. The one we have had been used by a Civil Engineer in the 80's etc so it has a few scratches ill do a web search for decent watch servicing in my area. i havent forgotten the pictures promise I will post them
  2. Hi Guy i'm not going to profess knowing anything about watches. Recently my wife's granddad passed away and her granny asked me to have a look at some of his watches he had in his drawer. There was the regular assortment of casios but one watch caught my attention and this is it: On the silvery white face it has: Jaeger-LeCoultre - Memovox Automatic On the back it has: SNOWDROP Speed Beat, HF 28800 E877 SATU SerialNo 1229409 It isnt in Mint condition and can do with a little TLC. The watch was well used until a few years ago. My question is
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