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  1. casio g shock DW6600 today
  2. had loads of bikes plus an LI 150 in my yoof.this is my current set of wheels.peugeot satelis 500 twist n go,leccy start etc,etc & it goes like stink lol
  3. have a look at these: Borealis Watch Company | Watch Straps a heck of a lot cheaper :yes:
  4. this for christmas eve a very happy & peaceful christmas to everyone.
  5. i've been looking at these for ages & recently took the plunge there are quite a few different versions which include stopwatches etc but i wanted something plain & simple.it keeps fairly good time but i suspect could really do with a a service.the stand is black textured acrylic from a guy in the US who advertises on fleabay.the clock itself came via fleabay from the ukraine.
  6. started with this seiko titanium chrono but changed to the vostok 420 case scuba dude i have a "thing" for these amphibia's at the mo & meranom having some 710SE's available doesn't help :lol: so can't wait for that to arrive :thumbup:
  7. new arrival vostok amphibia 420 case scubadude HAGWE everybody
  8. vostok amphibia 710 case with "boris" bezel today
  9. currently wearing this pulsar raf chrono
  10. diddy


    how about trying this free version: LightZone | Open-source digital darkroom software for ... with a review here: A quick review of the LightZone Photo Editor: Digital ... diddy
  11. seiko skx031 running well now my bodging has been rectified by duncan(cannop) :lol:
  12. just sent mine off to cannop of this(and other) forum(s) who is highly regarded. hth
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