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  1. Cheers John for taking the trouble to answer my query. I will definitely need to get it serviced. I believe my grandfather required it before 1962. Due to its age I am not sure which place to take it to and how much as I would like to use it. Its nice to see another one of them. I don't think my one has seen many daylights since 1962, hence its condition.
  2. Hi Thanks for replying to my topic. No I have not heard from anyone. For dating purposes (If this helps) My Grandfather passed away in 1962. So he would required this watch before then.
  3. https://goo.gl/photos/oN8v5bbPVEb28HieA Hi all, I originally started searching for this particular watch as I have one and wanted to find out about it and can I get it going again. Firstly I thought it was over wound but their is movement but then it stops. The posts I came across said it needs to be cleaned and it should be ok but they are rare. So I want to find out How to get it done and obviously how much will it cost. Then another thread I read implied this type of watch had a small run, sold for a lot of money and had a lot of returns due to it failing. The thread also m
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