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  1. Hi all, I'm new on here so I figured what a better way to meet you all by finding out what your first timepiece was, when you got it, where did you purchase/acquire it from, and how did you find it? I'll start off with my Citizen Chronograph, I got this in August 2011 from F.Hinds as a reward for passing my GCSE exams! As soon as I laid eyes on it and saw the 25% off sticker I knew it would be the one ha. I soon got bored with the standard strap so put my own crazy twist on it and put this bright orange strap on it. Tom
  2. Hi bry1975, I've just been on his website but it says he is closed and his contact page is a dead link. Dont suppose you have his email address yourself do you? Cheers, Tom
  3. Hello fellow forum members, This is my first post and will arguably be my most important, so if anybody would be able to provide any help or useful information then I would be very appreciative. So a little bit of a background, I'm 21 and have always loved watches, I recently decided to follow my passion and am seeking to begin a career within watch repair and watch making and having found out recently that my great great grandfather was a watch maker in London, who moved to Coventry where my family were raised has given me a real sense of vindication and desire to carry on a trade w
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