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  1. Hello, I am looking for advice or a proper reason to some potential movement issues I am experiencing with my Hamilton khaki automatic 38mm. the issues I am experiencing is that the crown will feel very sticky at times and when I hand wind the movement sometimes the crown is stiff and a quarter of a wind will make the rotar within the watch complexly spin multiple times. Any advice on how to fix the problem or a general diagnostic test would be very helpful. Some back story I am a college student and I have had to ride my bike while wearing this watch, also this is only a few months old so a service shouldn't be needed this early hopefully
  2. I got a sarb 035 I put it on a Hirshc duke alligator and looks sutunning congrats man
  3. Hello, I am posting this topic because i need help. I took off the stock metal band from the orient ray 2 and put it on a NATO for a few months, But recently i have decided i want to put it back on, I was successful in putting it back on however i have noticed a kinda rattle it sounds like its coming from the end links. I have taken and put the watch strap on metal pieces as well as changing the spring bars and switching the end links from one piece of the band to another. Any help is appreciated please leave a comment for any suggestions.
  4. yes i have seen that video and the orient beat the skx
  5. Hello i am in the market for a new watch and i cant decide which watch to get. Both in my opinion look amazing so i would be thrilled with either one, if any people who have these watches can shed some light on owning one. My wrist size is a 7 and this would be my second watch budget is 200$
  6. both of the watches i own are 44mm and my wrist size is 7 inches i wouldnt mind owning a smaller dressier piece nothing small than 38 mm though
  7. Hello fellow wrist watch lovers, i am looking to buy my third watch and i was looking at the seiko sarb/presage line. My budget Is around 400$ so i cant afford the upper Seiko presage watches. My Current collection Armogan Spirit of st louis (with a sapphire dial and a brown leather strap) Fossil FS5137 Any advice on nice watches of that price range and any comments on my current collection would be welcomed. also everyone feel free to debate with each other about watches of this price range
  8. thanks for all the reply gents but i am gonna hold out for the seiko sna 411
  9. Yea but if i want a swiss movement i want a quality movment that holds up to the swiss standards of watch making I think the seiko is a better option for me i love the look of it and i wont mind waiting a couple of months to get a quality timepiece
  10. I was looking at watches on amazon and i stumbled across a sturhling grand regetta for 60$ reg 695$ i thought its too good to be true and it claims to be a swiss made quartz movement. After some research it seems to be a good watch however i am still wondering if its a good deal also the company who is selling it on amazon is 100% legit and credited. Another reason why i am kinda debating on getting this watch is because i also like the seiko sna 411 and its flight master beauty, so should i wait and save for the seiko and get something i will really enjoy or get a steal on a quality sturhling. the seiko is 195$ on jomasshop which sells genuine watches. AMAZON LINKS TO BOTH https://www.amazon.com/Seiko-SNA411-Flight-Alarm-Chronograph/dp/B00068TJM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470866934&sr=8-1&keywords=seiko+sna411 https://www.amazon.com/Stuhrling-Original-Specialty-Professional-Dive/dp/B01BB8PZQI/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470866958&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=sturhling+grand+regetta
  11. ok well thankyou with the fast reply you guys are awesome on this forum
  12. so its kinda like a stop watch instead of a real chronograph
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