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  1. +1 for a custom build, i've made at least a dozen, mostly pam homages. There are lots of good parts as hands, dial, and for this budget you can use real unitas 6497 for great parts you can check this UK maker, he can give you good advice, as i know is made in UK https://www.vintagewatchparts.co.uk/wordpress/ parts store, but is pricy http://www.vintagewatchparts.co.uk/store/en/ my cheap build recently made, i used many st36 and they are great in work environment
  2. there are people who understand caliber and movement types, just post pics and ask, see and write if any marking on the movement, all details you can
  3. first one is handmade watch (kaventsmann homage) a guy in Denmark made it Petram is his nickname, bronze, eta 2783
  4. Im keen on bronze/brass, had and still have few, yep mostly i get green spots where buckle touches the hand, sometimes if there is bigger crown/crown guard. I know only Vostok Europe Bronze one and Russian Agat bronze case (monoblock) that backside is bronze. 90% have steel or titanium or glass backs. Some of my babies :D Previous:
  5. I had about 12+, then i realise this is too much, can't wear them all, neglect most of them so i sold most, bought bether ones.. less is more Now i think 4-5 is max for me and im happy with the quantity, but im changing the inventar more often cheers guys
  6. yes is good one, with the 3 bezels, i have the original rubber + titanium bracelet, too many combinations for the mind :D
  7. You just can't start wednesday without an ecozilla or two :D
  8. Now that i had the Sumo i can say that is very lovely watch, the turtle padi is perfect also
  9. check this place, have from 12mm, 14..... http://www.watch-band-center.com/shop2/index.php/user/watchstrap/suche/1/ i make straps, but not small and dress
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