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  1. thank you... so much to consider, I was looking at the Steinhart also. I think the used market could be a good shout, I really like the tudors and equally the seamasters. If I can find the right deal that may be the best option. Yhabks again really helpful and insightful. Can anyone recommend a reputable 2nd hand website ?
  2. thanks guys, i'll jave a little investigate. anyone got any thoughts on the Tag?
  3. Hi All, I'm new in the forum. I have been looking to purchase a new divers watch now i've caught the bug! I would live a submariner, unfortunately that looks a good few years off at the moment. I have been looking around at non homage alternatives and I have really taken a liking to the Tag heuer Aquaracer (Wan 2110) .. i was hoping to get some yhoughts or maybe some alternative ideas. Thanks, Gino
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