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  1. Excellent and interesting read as always.Very similar watches, if not AEC brand crop up on French EBay quite a lot and I have been tempted but they tend to run well over a hundred euros even if they are not gold.
  2. Recent acquisition Tempic automatic double date
  3. Ok would you like wiggly date pointer, moon phase, textured dial, triple date, blue hands and a Milanese type bracelet of a brand you will probably not have noticed before. There, me trying my best! (unfortunately "crystal" is not the none reflective type so taking a good image is impossible.)
  4. Well I've got nothing that a man of your excellent taste would have any interest in unless you send me the watches then I will have 3 you like even if temporarily with two of them!
  5. Yes I did this and nothing happened with the actual day (Wednesday) but the number changed. .
  6. I bought this today for 5 euros at a vide grenier (French car boot sale). Apparently it doesnt work but if I can figure out how to set the day then everything else works. Tempic automatic, came on a cruddy strap which has been confined to the bin and replaced with this one for now. Bit of a budget brand apparently so no particular bargain but I like its simplicity. There is a small button to press on the side to change the day of the month but this doesnt effect the actual day perhaps every day will be Wednesday!.
  7. A very generous gift this is a wonderful forum indeed
  8. Newly arrived yesterday a bit of French niceness
  9. I'm with Davey on this (although I did slip into 250 and 300 for a Tissot and Seiko) and probably like Davey and Jay I get pleasure out of looking, wondering then pressing the go button. I have around 90 now having had a cull for a local charity but I like absolutely everything I have (and what is likley to come), its not for the purists but we aren't all purists that would be boring.
  10. Nothing much to do today so this one
  11. Skagan today, no sun here light rain
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