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  1. Bit on the small side for me so will pass
  2. Begining to like this again after initial misgivings
  3. Bravo Mart and when you can't set it send me a PM! If you find it easy to set then don't
  4. Everyone has their likes and dislikes,no need to be sorry that's what the forum is for, if you think its revolting (not revolving I take it) that's fine with me as you say each to their own Just in case it gets to 99 minutes past the hour, simples. Strangely it never arrives on one of any of the numbers after 59 always 00
  5. It is surprisingly comfortable and does wear its size but I have fairly broad wrists, absolute sod to set up though, instructions are fairly clear but had to contact vendor as every now and again it went from say 10.15 to 10.65 or just decided on a random time. I try it every day to see if it will set but every time it does something daft even if only temporarily. Vendor has been excellent and refunded due to problems, one day..........
  6. Dreary and dreadful collection, send them all to me and start again Truthfully lovely collection all areas covered I think.
  7. Silver one for me, who thought it was white, they must go to specsavers
  8. Tried doing a video of it twirling round but my computer says it doesn't recognise the format although it will replay on the camera. Will have a faff about later!
  9. Plenty of crap on the Bay if someone needs a logo on a watch, for an expensive (to me) watch to have a logo for anything other than itself is plain naff.
  10. Chinese auto courtesy of Graham 60 today
  11. Carrying on with the weird one today
  12. Will do a video hopefully tomorrow. We are very near Piegut Pluviers not Riberac. We are UK emigres with French citizenship and dual nationality. No air con, lots of fans, above ground pool but the water is getting up to 30 degrees so a bit like a large bath. The drums rotate Wrenny no Cozy Powell percussion here! No jump seconds but once a minute it rotates the right hand drum and you can hear it if there is no background noise.
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