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  1. It is what it is, don,t expect any nice words but its yours so who cares. If you are just thinking of buying it, then thats different. I have bought lots of watches that get less than complementary comments but it doesn't bother me one jot.
  2. Just the two here PRC516 Dress watch and I think the strap is fine.
  3. These two autos, can't fault them nice bracelets too. Not a diver as such but does have the power reserve feature
  4. I know, I know this has been done before but i was browsing the Bay a few weeks ago and saw some watches with full lume on a canvas strap at the princely cost of 6.95€ delivered. So I ordered one, it arrived today not a bad looking watch but had to wait for it to go dark to check the lume. Had worn it all afternoon and it had been sunny so had plenty of time to absorb sunlight and this was the result. I know its not a "proper watch and has no value but I was impressed with the glow it gives off. Now where's that geiger counter. Anyone beat the level of lume?
  5. Gold plated looks tacky Roger? Ah yes you and my wife are so right, damn.
  6. I have aLotus watch with 3 subdials one being the running seconds. It stopped and I changed the battery and it is now running again but what would normally be the second hand being the seconds counter and the minutes sub dial hand will not move. How do I reset the hands to the correct position. The start stop both click nicely but nothing is moving. By the way the 24 hour sub dial is working fine. I have searched Google but found no specific instructions and do not have the original instructions.
  7. Looks like someone has covered the face in anaglypta wall paper from the 70s
  8. and why not looks interesting to me
  9. Big sunny Sekonda today as its drizzling with rain
  10. These 2, Festina 3 euros needed a battery Louis Pion 2 euros needed a battery
  11. Love it and want one. Now when is Christmas?
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