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  1. Thanks Simon but still confused. Having got the callipers out the diameter of the barrel internally is 42 mm the depth (so width of spring) is 22 mm allowing 2 or 3 mm for the cap to go back on which I assume would mean a 22x0.42x42. Cousins list the following in order Height so 22mm Thickness Length and Diameter. So having looked up the 22mm it follows with 0.4 1500 and 40. So my thinking would be that means 22 mm height 1500 mm long 0.4 mm thick and 40 mm internal barrel diameter. Does that sound right? Thanks again Kevin
  2. AstroAvia do I get an extra point?
  3. I have recently come into ownership of a French made, Westminster chime wall clock which doesn't work. The chimes and hour gongs are fine but when trying to wind the mainspring there was no resistance. Having bitten the bullet I have removed the main spring barrel and on opening it found the spring burglars have been and knicked it! I assume it had broken and someone was going to replace it and couldn't fathom out how to do it. So am missing a main spring. I know it hooks onto the lug inside the barrel and would be 18 mm in width. What I have no idea of is how long it would be and how thick the spring itself. Cousins also quote a diameter which I am also struggling to fathom out what that means. Anyone any idea how long the spring might have been and an average thickness and also what the Diameter bit means. This is my first 3 barrel clock repair having only repaired a long case pendulum wall clock and various alarm clocks bought for peanuts. Cheers Kevin
  4. As the winner of the two watches from Relaxer7 I would just like to repeat what a great forum this is and how generous a lot of people on here are. Wrist shots when they arrive in France and thanks you to Rich.
  5. Always nice to see feedback on purchases
  6. Old faithful Chinese auto today
  7. I have given up trying to organise them, so many to faff with, I just take a photo of the boxes every now and again and adjust my listing per box. Its something to do on a rainy day.
  8. Bored now, going to stick pins in my toes for some fun
  9. Congrats on the purchase I have either the same model or similar one , can't get my head round all the different model numbers.
  10. Well, I like the new Omega Seamaster so go ahead and enjoy yourself, no need to thank me either.
  11. No idea if there was an equivalent but looks retro
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