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  1. Hi everyone old and new. Having had 3 heart attacks I am slowly but surely getting better and feel up to the climb upstairs to the computer. I do have a question though, I have a Tissot PRS 516. The watch is around 4 years old from memory and is on the original Renata battery. It keeps perfect (or near enough) time but...... The stop watch function doesn't work. I have the back off and the buttons seem to be moving the appropriate part in the movement, a 10212 V8. I can of course change the battery and see if that makes any difference. I am fairly sure,(though not positive) that I tried the stop watch function when I got the watch as you do and had it not worked it would have gone back to whence it came, too late now. Anyone any ideas?
  2. Only just seen this as I tend to go direct to the watch discussion forum. Interesting article as always. I bought this quartz one on a plane from who knows where to somewhere else. It sat in a pocket for nearly 5 years forgotten. Its had one new battery in 15 years whcih I find incredible and means the one in it will now be flat.
  3. I like it a lot and have never has a problem with an Accurist watch, good buy as far as I can see.
  4. I liked it till the wrist shot, it looks like they have a clock on their wrist to me.
  5. Welcome to the ruin to your finances that will no doubt follow.
  6. I think its a good looking watch even if it looks like someone stuck some G Shock hands on it Looks OK to me definitely shouldnt be in the ugly category
  7. Deano I only just saw your address is Wakefiled, before moving to France in 2007 we lived in Skelmanthorpe. Don't know why I would be surprised that another watch and car nut would live in the same County there are plenty of us!!!! Cheers Kevin
  8. Plus one for the congratulations and membership of a nice club. Also plus one for more details and pics of the two cars please
  9. For what it is worth I own 6 Seikos, none similar to the ones you mention and 3 costing around £60 others a fair bit more but max £300. Without exception all are excellent time keepers, are standing the test of time, two are Automatics both start with the mildest of movement. I is a solar and is happy in the dark for at least 4 months.
  10. Very nice looking watches. I went on Jomashops site to check out the prices and weirdly every single one is out of stock, have you bought them all.
  11. This one today can't remember the last time I wore it
  12. This one this morning while working outside Then later will be this Rodania
  13. Now I like weird watches and the out of the ordinary but these are too long in the case. Not sure whether it is trying to be a Royal Oak homage or not but it fails IMHO if thats what its trying to be.
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