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  1. I prefer the blue one, but I am drawn to blue faced watches for some reason so maybe thats the reason. Has a touch of Skagan to it I think.
  2. Nice watch and quite a bit different from the usual Edifice offerings. I have two and they are both superb IMHO
  3. With over 80 they just get changed when I wear them and if I don't get round to wearing them then they will be at the correct time when I do, simples.
  4. Will be Gigandet Red Baron after my shower
  5. Will give this an airing today as not doing much of anything
  6. Starting day 8 here, novelty wearing off but only 4 more weeks to go, maybe, possibly, hopefully.
  7. Will be this one later after my shower. Louis Pion.
  8. Thought you might be offering a swap Davey
  9. niveketak


    Mine is my dog Nelson, sadly gone 3 years ago, sitting on my then very first lawn tractor I sat him on the seat and he put his paws on the steering wheel himself honest.
  10. Morning all from "locked down" France. Lots of jobs in and around the house being done but a day off today so Skagan will be the choice of the day. May sun bathe later as its forecast to be 27 degrees and sunny
  11. Nice cases but not for me. I had one in the 70s with a little silver button on the face and the time only showed when you touched it and the case. Seemed a bit daft needing both hands to tell the time and I mean mine not those on a watch. Would have to grow my hair long and have a goucho moustache if I wore one of those again, then there would be the platform shoes, oxford bags and paisley ties........ what I was quite trendy, I think.
  12. Welcome to the best and, usually, friendliest watch forum.
  13. I agree the strap colour suits the very nice watch,
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