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  1. This Festina at a car boot sale here in France, 2€ and a new battery inserion. The vendor had two similar one with a brown dial, should have taken them both! Also this Louis Pion for I think 5€ at a different boot sale, new battery and runs perfectly.
  2. This one this morning, just realised date is set wrong, whoever decided multi date windows were a good idea is a plonker IMHO
  3. Not old and probably not machine turned but is still nice IMHO
  4. Chinese auto today, keeps surprisingly good time
  5. Never seen on of those Sulie, what model G Shock is it?
  6. Will be this one later after I have finished getting covered in oil under the pain that is an older car.
  7. This one keeps pretty good time its just complicated to set after a battery change, I did change the battery once and it ran slow but that was becaue i used the same size battery rather than the correct one, never seen a white one, any pics?
  8. Big selection on Amazon no idea of actual quality but are Seiko money.
  9. I replaced the broken glass on a Swatch out of curiosity and it seemed a good tight fit. It clearly wasn't as it steamed up one day and the following day had fallen out despite some carefully applied superglue. The strap had broken but it came with a new strap hence the trial fitting. Went in the bin but still have a new almost unused Swatch bracelet if anyone needs one.
  10. Very generous gesture @Davey P and a lovely thankyou from Roger, feeling all warm and fuzzy now.
  11. The strap for this Timex was one of those part plastic part steel bracelets which broke, so £25 at WatchGeko and all was well again
  12. I know this has roman numerals and the sub dials are the other way round but it does have blue hands
  13. I did wonder whether that comment might appear, and no lol. Forum seemed a bit short of posts that was all
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