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  1. Yes still for sale, also tags price new is now £1,450 so it's a great price.
  2. eBay is full of fake watches as is shpock, which I find worse than eBay for them.
  3. I bought a brand new planet ocean chrono last year, the winder fell of after 6 weeks so I sent it back and picked other watches instead of it, I'd never buy another one after this experience and when I googled the fault it was common on them, so not for me.
  4. My late Dads fault he has a lot to answer to, but I've loved them since I was a kid can't help it it's an addiction.
  5. It's the same as shpock full of fakes they don't care, you report them they remove them( sometimes) then they get relished it's a joke.
  6. Ps I have 2 of these watches in the sale section losing over £500 on them, that's acceptable though as your clearly not allowed to make a profit selling on here, but it's fine to lose hundreds of pounds.
  7. They would not have even had the first chance to repair, I bought a £4,750 omega seamaster chrono last year brand new, within 6 weeks the winder fell of after googling the fault it's a common problem, so I sent it back and bought other watches to the same value instead, I'd never buy a new omega again after that I would have refused the repair end of story.
  8. Wish id never asked in not going to bother
  9. I only wanted to know what the saving would be buying there I would take a chance if the saving was enough, it's clearly looking to me like it's not worth the risk, even though I know people who have done it without problems, if I was saving around 20% I think it would be worth the gamble as the model I'm looking to buy is a base model nothing flash better save a bit more I think.
  10. I just wanted to know what the saving on a new airking that's what I'm after the one with the newer dial.
  11. Thats what i meant i was going to carry card and books etc then either get another box( plenty around) or get seller to post on will see, all depends on the price if the risk is worth it.
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