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  1. This'll go with Armani, Adidas, Westwood and Wedgewood. I gave it a wash. Special.
  2. At the risk of repeating myself, so do I. Only I forgot where I put one once, and found it over six months later when I was looking for something else.
  3. Best to phone around, plus safe deposit is worth looking at for when you're away. Example, https://securusdepositcentres.co.uk/
  4. Well it wasn't in the context of the thread, sorry. "In 1930 Mimo (Girard Perregaux) patented and released to the market the Mimo-Meter, first wristwatch with a date window."
  5. Get rid of the brand names off the dial, and the date window, and it would be the Tissot for me. Longines do the same, make a modern interpretation of a past classic, then ruin the whole show with a date window.
  6. Can't really fault that a tall. This would always be my choice after a 114270 Explorer. Nothing to do with the name on the dial either.
  7. I used to do work for a guy who used to leave something similar in the workplace, so we used to speak in extra loud voices what we'd all been up to with his wife when he was away on golfing trips.
  8. Being savaged by a turbot in his childhood did have a long-lasting effect, and could possibly have lead him to the actual invention of green.
  9. Watches in online pictures tend to be bigger than what they are in reality.
  10. My mate had the same problem, only it was a woman.
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