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  1. There's probably about 500,000 pub divers that will tell you their watch is equipped with one.
  2. Great watch, ageless, and a design classic in its own right. The bracelet on them is one of the best out there as well.
  3. I bet they will retail @£ = $. What is interesting is a Timex with a Miyota movement retailing at £229 is criticised (by some) for being too expensive. White dial one looks good.
  4. Interesting thing about this is that doing a quick Google search will reveal what Comex is all about without having to go on the Antiques Road show and look all surprised. Or am I being cynical ?
  5. It is part of the "training manual" for those in the car trade (and others) to look at what you have on your wrist. It gives them a pointer as to how much they can extract from you. Try dressing down the next time you go car hunting, then go back, dressed up, and see the difference it makes in such "shallow waters".
  6. I'd agree with that. Also, this Orient ' president" seems a tad overpriced @£350, when other models in their range with the same day/date function, sell at about a third of the cost. Perhaps 'lookie likeie' ads value.
  7. Have a look at " retro" waffle straps.
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