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  1. You should have kept that one to yourself and marketed it as "Fastmongrels Incredible Bronze Watch Cleaner".
  2. For value I would suggest you look at completed sales on ebay/Chrono 24 etc. As for identifying your watch further, pictures would be a great help.
  3. Are you sure ? Its running 4 minutes faster than the Seiko, get the bracelets swapped over as well.
  4. It would be interesting to see/find out what the movement is. I would try to get the part required. Once the movement can be identified it may be possible to get a donor movement.
  5. And any G Shock that suits you at discounted prices.
  6. Can't disagree about the bracelets being poor on the lower priced models, I've never had one @£1000+. Timekeeping on mine has been about average in comparison with others, although the last one I bought was bad, albeit within Seikos rather wide +/- specs.. It did however settle down over a period of two months to around 4-5s/24 hrs. Also the Mini Turtle I got from my mate that was running 40+ seconds, turned out to be magnetized from the shop. Have to disagree though that the specs are a bit wide.
  7. I'd have any of these three;
  8. Coldest morning of the year so far.
  9. Quoted as 38mm (paracord) to 40mm (bracelet)
  10. Thanks for that @Always"watching". One I've looked at and liked in the past, although my preference would be for stainless rather than ti. A five letter name as well, which is always a good thing, so has Stowa. I'd have one of each anyway. .
  11. There used to be one running around near me. Now I know what it is.
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