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  1. It's also the title of a radio 4 sci-fi theme play about parallel universes to poke fun at life and especially the media business in London.
  2. Oris yes, but the prices are creeping upwards. Pointer date is still my favourite. Rado, I prefer their vintage/older stuff compared to what they are producing now. So that's taste more than rating.
  3. I had an original one of these in the 1970's and it was truly horrible, this looks like scary fun though, and I'd like to drive it.
  4. This should have been one of the all time classics, Bimota V Due. 500cc two stroke V twin, but they were plagued with mechanical problems, cranks/seals and injector seating. When they ran properly they were superb. They do come up for sale, usually with next to no miles on them, either due to reliability issues or their owners being too frightened to use them in case they fail. Nice though.
  5. I believe they did get famous, and wasted all their money on baubles and fripperies.
  6. So as an only vehicle for one or two people how would it compare in a 20 mph enforced limit with say, one of these for getting to the doctors/hospital and the shopping then, resources wise ? and don't even mention fun. For someone like me who couldn't care less about a car, should the case be that I require one due to age and frailty, something as bog basic and simple as that silly Citroen is probably all I would need. As far as "eco projects" go, I fear I will have long been through the incinerator to be too worried about it.
  7. Oh dear, I just looked at the picture properly, reminds me of these guys,
  8. Ah! SeReT Five letter brand name, easy to remember. Or you could have the reverse, TeReS
  9. 30mm is just about right for that style. It will be interesting to see the dial for real, as I suspect it may be a bit naff. I could be wrong of course.
  10. I always like the unexpected random find, so it's this,
  11. With that crown it would have to be manual wind.
  12. Indeedie deedie. Department "S" sounds better. Good logo, and design team,
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