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  1. So am I, that's one of the reasons I wear a watch on my right wrist. I had more near misses with the hook on the top side than any other strap, ever.
  2. Try putting one on with the hook on the "6" end of the watch. I find it much easier that way.
  3. I've got a couple of genuine Marine Nationale issue straps, and being honest, they're a bit naff, like wearing a pair of pants with the jaggy elastic digging into your waist, they weren't cheap either. My favourite are these type, canvas and comfortable. Same as a Kobold one piece before the prices went silly.
  4. Pity the Tissot Navigator is too big. Chronometer, world time, and GMT if required, and well within budget.
  5. You make it look so picturesque.
  6. Good idea, especially if you have a mate like me who will tell your wife the cost of your purchase was double what it really was.
  7. That was used in the landing legs of Thunderbird 2.
  8. Not a.problem. Knows exactly what I've got, what they cost, and what to do with them.
  9. I calculate that 99.64% of my watches never get worn. Falls into line with my wardrobe. but if I got rid of them,
  10. Go for the green version.
  11. If you deal with them by phone, Steinhart after sales is second to none that I have experienced. Their turnaround time for service and associated costs have been excellent. After sales is something I take very seriously, the best watch in the world is useless when it's sitting on someone's bench for months. MeisterSinger and Muhle Glashute are both worthy of consideration, solely because I have a good AD local, who keeps things right.
  12. Luxury watch box you say ? No storage issues.
  13. Exactly this. Looking at the bigger picture, when I decided I didn't want a car anymore, adding up all the associated expenses, running costs, depreciation etc, etc, the saving per year is more than the cost of the Rolex you're looking at. So, there's many different ways to look at what you do with your money and how you waste/spend it. I'd rather buy something I like, and not worry about how much it'll be worth in years to come. Possibly better to worry about living healthily in order to enjoy your purchase for the rest of your life.
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