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  1. I had one, long gone now. My uncle was in the Special Operations Executive in WW2 and that was his issued watch. He told me he smashed it while in action in Scicily, and requested a replacement on their next supply drop. He got 5. He didn't keep any of them.
  2. The "good" old days. Can't be that cold, he's got both cab vents fully open. First job I got when I got married came with one of these, and it had grass growing out of the floor, and it apparently had its last oil change in 1967.
  3. Boot sale special, 25p, and used for setting the time on everything else.


    I don't like it at the dentist when he puts his tool in my mouth.


    I like innuendo as well, can't think of any at the moment but i'll slip one in when I remember.
  6. Me too, I was a bit disappointed when I saw what was inside.
  7. My pals dad used to do the heavy recovery in the area where I stayed with a modified ex WW2 AEC Matador. We used to go out in it at weekends, and it was exciting, recovering broken down lorries, and crashed ones. I had a toy one for sand pit recovery detail, like this one, I think I'll buy one off ebay and paint it white for nostalgia. I've got one of these in the box somewhere as well,
  8. I have been given the task of removing Viagra spam, Russian Brides adverts, and anything else under the heading of "gentlemen's interest" that slips through, after thorough examination of course.
  9. I'm getting my long spoon out.
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