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  1. A. Leave watch requiring set on table stopped with another watch set at correct time running along side. B. At exactly 5 seconds before running watch second hand meets second hand on stopped watch, pounce on stopped watch and wind/shake, practice will get it perfect. C. Book appointment with psychiatrist at 10.59 and 55 seconds precisely.
  2. £2600 last time I tried one on.
  3. I've pondered about this one (quartz), and I would go for it if I cleared some space in the watch drawer. I've always had good service out of the Glasgow AD as well, which makes all the difference.
  4. The difference is (as I found out to my cost) that a second hand £10 Casio serves its purpose with more financial efficiency than a Cartier Tank, when you end upside down after dragging your watch down tarmac/scree/rocks etc. It goes in the bin. I do believe your watches change by themselves while you sleep.
  5. Better give you a like for that as well. Do you have any 50's era boxes ? Nothing I have from then has come with a box/papers etc.
  6. Off to the wildlife pond this morning.
  7. Probably a Glycine Airman. Always had a hankering for one.
  8. My passion was Italian stuff, and probably still is, but I just drool over pictures now, probably safer.
  9. I've always had a soft spot for Timex. They have just brought out a very honest reproduction of the first new watch I bought, so I'll have to get it now after seeing your post. Nice find, and one that makes this collecting game worth it.
  10. Yes. In my case it depends on the activity. Because of my recklessness, I have learned to wear something "disposable" when partaking in countryside pursuits, and something unobtrusive when cycling/motorcycling that fits neatly under a tight jacket cuff. Then something else for around town, it goes on and on.
  11. Neither are Toyota, Lexus, Nissan or Infiniti. I was merely adding to the discussion. Sorry.
  12. My PRC contacts from University of Southampton tell me otherwise.
  13. Maybe they could all learn something from Honda's marketing team. This costs £2949. and this costs £19.999. In terms of quality the two would never be confused, and are bought on the purchasers perceptions of their merits.
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