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  1. There is a list here. Please note as mentioned, none are endorsed by the forum.
  2. Yes, and when new didn't have the current overboard marketing hype factor.
  3. It's a bit "kitch". I'd still wear one though.
  4. That's him, and the guy I mentioned has a car that looks like a handbag.
  5. Interesting. Over the past 40 years or so I've had 2 36mm Explorers, one after the other. No one has ever noticed, and because I don't tell them, and they don't bother about such things, none of my friends know either. Yet a close friend has a gold Yacht Master that he loves to flash about as his component of conspicuous consumption, so perhaps it is not the Rolex that is stealth, but more like it's owner.
  6. Some info here, and some interesting links at the top of the page. https://ostalgieruhla.wordpress.com/short-history-of-ruhla-watches/
  7. If I can use it, it has to be easy, especially if you use a phone.
  8. Lovely watches, and in my case most definitely a life long keeper, so resale wouldn't be an issue.
  9. Personally, for that value I'd be wanting to see it on my wrist before parting with any money, so it would be the "Bricks and Mortar" experience only.
  10. The new Grom is a bag of laughs. There is not one single way to lose weight off it though, so any serious reduction would involve multiple changes, although I would imagine the biggest item would be the exhaust system. Five speed makes a big difference, and it pulls well in top without the need to play with the gearbox on all but the steepest inclines. Cruising speed is an easy (indicated) 50-55 mph. It tops out in 4th when it hits the rev limiter at around 63 mph, and pulls just under 60 in top. The engine is new. No more centrifugal oil filter, now replaced with a standard paper one and easy
  11. I've got my perfect watch and it's auto, but that wasn't the complete reason for owning it. Had it a manual option, I'd probably have gone for that.
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