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  1. If you're not fast, you're last.
  2. Down at the golf club At the top it's tough, I've just bought a Merc, Because Rolex, Don't make a watch big enough.
  3. Too late, I've just bought it @ £125.
  4. Out and about I was looking at Air Kings, all too modern, but stupid (in my opinion) prices. All upwards of £3.6K. Did uncover a very fresh vintage oyster perpetual for around £2k with history box and papers. Swatch shop had some decent stuff too starting at £69.
  5. Have a look on Etsy at one piece slip through straps, or Russian Bund straps. You can discard the pad if you don't like it. 
  6. Some really nice vintage stuff to be had,
  7. If you are able to post a pic of the movement that might help.
  8. Ok Gok Wan. @Citi3enkane who is the watch for ? (Think about it) Given the choice in your first post, there are none I would personally want, and @JonnyOldBoy (site fashion guru) doesn't like my choice of Omega , you're just going to get a bamboozling choice thrown at you. All good fun of course, but buy what YOU like, and be a rebel. Did anyone mention residuals ? No, good.
  9. I shall wear this today after it gets a battery.
  10. I do like this, size, design, simplicity. Good to know from the Monochrome review it has hacking seconds. And a choice of strap material " shell cordovan, suede, Russian hatch bovine leather, pin-grain kidskin leather, natural goatskin" . But no Aberdeen Angus, or, options, Scottish.
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