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  1. Sekonda was the brand name for watches sourced from the Soviet Union from different factories from around 1966 to 1993. Your one is made by Slava, and will probably have a Slava 2427 movement inside it. They can be accurate, but they have no real monetary value. If you have a search on eBay for "Slava 2427" watch, there will be plenty with various case designs. Your one looks in reasonable condition, and to have it serviced would probably cost + / - £100.
  2. It's Tuesday and no new question ? Spey Bay, just across the river from where I was born. The long white house at the front of the village of Kingston is where King Charles the second landed on his return from exile. Loads of history in the surrounding area, and places to walk and go, plus a very favourable climate. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmouth,_Moray

    Mafws Game

    FIGHT. Fight in Grantham hotel, Tuesday. Scrap.
  4. Some info, https://www.eta.ch/en/our-products/mechanical-movements/mecaline-chronographs/eta-mecaline-chronographs-7750-valjoux-unavailable https://calibercorner.com/eta-valjoux-caliber-7750/
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