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  1. Health tip. Spray your chips with Mr Muscle, it cuts through grease and makes your meal much healthier.
  2. Wear a waterproof jacket in the rain.
  3. Its previous owner wore it on the left.
  4. Same as these with the Rolex crown.
  5. This, the patina is as a result of the edge peeking out of the left cuff.
  6. Someone sent me an Instagram pic of Rolex monogramed slippers, it wouldn't allow me to copy and paste to let you all see gross tastelessness in all its glory.
  7. Are you able to post a picture ? Sometimes awkward spring bars on bracelets are easier to align using spring bar pliers.
  8. This one does the same, with a very satisfying mechanical clunk. My seiko starts to move around 11.15, and the completed operation finishes at 12.
  9. My Poljot 3133. I bought this new a number of years ago, and it has been both accurate and trouble free. I wound it up on Thursday morning around 8.30, and it was still running on the same wind at 10.25 pm today. Not bad.
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