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  1. As a matter of interest what is the Zenith aftersales/service and service costs/turnaround like currently ?
  2. If you think it's too expensive for what it is, don't buy it. The manufacturer/retailer will get the message. https://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/seiko-watch-prospex-alpinist-1959-recreation-limited-edition-sje085j1 I've seen these @ £1700 for that very reason.
  3. Have you tried using a different device. My tablet has been doing similar, but everything is as usual on my phone. The other weird thing is if I change my tablet to "desktop" the issues disappear.
  4. "Toe in the water" perhaps ? Or keep the brand exclusive more likely. It's interesting that the Seiko Alpinist reissue with an original retail price of £2700, is now being discounted by almost £1000 a year later because they aren't shifting. Although Zenith are in a different league.
  5. It's originally from 1969 so it'll be ok.
  6. You could. Despite the recent "nay sayers" on modern retro, and smaller size watches. It's a long time since I've seen something that genuinely takes my interest, and the current two both come from Zenith. back catalogues can be "inspirational" and safe. Retro sells.
  7. Looks like Zenith have tapped into something good. Limited to 250, but @37mm I love it. more info here; https://www.ablogtowatch.com/zenith-unveils-limited-edition-defy-revival-a3642-watch/
  8. Pairing watches, I thought you meant pairing, not paring. I'm changing my name to Hamilton Khaki.
  9. Zenith are coming up with some very appealing offerings.
  10. Get the first choice unless you really want to end up with both.
  11. I have both, and in my case the ETA constantly keeps more accurate time than the in house chronometer movement; ETA hardly varies, in house @ around +1.5 secomds/24 hours. I purchased a "half link" for my BB 36, and bracelet adjustment has never been an issue.
  12. Style of a Cartier "wandering hour" watch. I would recommend you take it to a Cartier authorised dealer for confirmation of authenticity.
  13. Unfortunately it seems to be the way it goes. I've always put my "budget" stuff at prices you can't refuse once I decide its time to go. In the bigger scheme of things you don't really take any worse a hit than if you sold a run of the mill car.
  14. It'll be good to get some real world feedback on range.
  15. Yes, good for bicycle chains, carburettors, brake calipers, and just about anything that'll fit in it that requires cleaning.
  16. That is all you need, and an Air King, and maybe an Explorer.
  17. In the days when I wore a suit to work a 34mm manual wind dress watch was perfect. Anything larger was a "cuff catcher" and an annoyance. One thing I've noticed since I've started wearing my O & W M 65 again is it's profile compared with 36mm Explorer and Black Bay. It's a lot less obtrusive, and gives the impression of being physically smaller. I don't really think size matters to anyone else other than the wearer of the watch. The 32mm Black Bay appeared to be marketed towards male buyers when it first came out, accompanied by pictures complete with fabric strap on "adventurers" wrists, and placed along with the gents watches in window displays. Now it seems to be for "the ladies". I'd certainly wear one without bothering what any casual bypassers thoughts may be. Strange how some will baulk at the thought of (a man) wearing a woman's watch, yet admire a woman wearing a man's watch. Strange world we live in. 32mm.
  18. I wouldn't, things sometimes have a habit of appearing unexpectedly. Good luck.
  19. And blue tooth connection. I got rid of the wrong one last time. The blue tooth function was very handy, especially the "find your phone" bit.
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