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  1. I often wonder why, manufacturing costs ? Another excellent idea was Seikos external regulator screw.
  2. The bracelet looks better in the pictures, but as my 40+ year old Q still runs to this day after thousands of miles on unmade roads, and all weathers, I still have a soft spot for the brand. good thing about it is if you're going to get robbed in some inhospitable place, and they take your watch, you've lost nothing. Wonder if anyone would suggest Timex if a "What watch should I wear to tour the world by motorcycle" post was raised ?
  3. Yes, I agree too. The most recent quartz models I have bought have Seiko movements, basic they may be, but they should be durable, and the battery hatch is a welcome addition.
  4. Just put this on after de-magnetising.
  5. They're pure and simple fashion watches as per the Nigel Cabourn/Todd Snyder collaboration. Still a lot less money than the same from Omega. Timex appear to be releasing certain watches in the UK exclusively through their website, especially their retro offerings, which I particularly like. They are (in my opinion) a bit overpriced, but like Christopher Ward, if you wait for the never ending sale opportunities you'll get between 15-30% off, and they're a bit of fun. If it lasts 10 years, it costs less than a service on a mechanical
  6. Always space for a Timex in my box. Todd Snyder X Q, 38mm and, Timex X Nigel Cabourn Naval Officers Watch, 36mm. Both around £160.
  7. http://www.suisgill.co.uk/things-to-do/gold-panning/permission-and-rules-for-gold-panning-on-the-kildonan-burn/ They sell pans in some of the local shops in Helmsdale.
  8. I like both of them, possibly the three hander gets the preference. Baltic get the vintage thing pretty well right. The HMS 002 is on my want list.
  9. Check and see if you can get the conversion lugs for that model. I got mine off eBay including a strap for around £20.
  10. With this product your life will be better, pay 20% extra to get it immediately, and your life will improve sooner. (in your own head, because nobody else really cares, or notices) still a very nice watch though.
  11. It's quite interesting that some were advertising Timex Quartz re-issue watches at 30% above retail when they were out of stock, I waited a couple of months and got one with around 25% off in one of their many sales. I would still like a BB 58, and I would wait for it, however I would not pay a 50% deposit upfront, as one AD requested, especially when another didn't ask for any deposit, perhaps if I flog my current BB, I'll join the waiting list.
  12. Because there are people stupid enough to buy them.
  13. Fools gold, or fools and money perhaps?
  14. Not guilty, no telly you see. Second link, given the finance put into it could be deemed professional Fixed.
  15. I, on and off, spent a bit of time "panning" at Kildonan, and recovered a truly miniscule amount. There were a couple of men further upstream with suction pumps, a "rat sluice" and a Klondike style living tent that seemed to be there year round. I didn't bother asking them if they made anything because they wouldn't have told me anyway. http://www.helmsdale.org/gold-rush.php There are other places, some published some not, dotted around the country where others try their hand as well, mostly for a bit of fun on a day out, but this next one has been up and down since the 1980's when I
  16. A Vostok Amphibia is always a good place to start. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/vostok-amphibia New from around £55, iconic. and loads to choose from.
  17. It might be worth giving C.W.Sellors a call if no one is able to help you on the forum. https://www.cwsellors.co.uk/search?q=Junghans AND -vendor:Archive AND -tag:Insurance&type=product
  18. That's a regular occurrence. Usually involving things with two wheels.
  19. It has never been a problem. It's only myself I have to answer and lie to.
  20. Looks good, my watch is running around +5 seconds/24 hrs on the wrist, and around +7 off dial up, which I can quite easily live with, which is a lot better than my SRPC41K1 Mini Turtle (4R35 movement)
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