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  1. Sometimes the nicest kindest people live in the roughest houses. I keep my decent stuff in the porridge drawer. "dressers in the Scottish Highlands may have a “porridge drawer” — a lined drawer into which freshly made porridge was emptied and left to cool. When cold, slices of the porridge could be cut out and taken out of the house for later consumption”
  2. Initially I was with @yokeland thought I'd sooner have a Stowa, but then why not give "a new guy" a chance. It looks "tactile", I like the case shape, the ubiquitous trouser pocket photo opportunity, and the quality (on page) looks good, although as with any unknown, I'd like to see one first before adding my name to a waiting list. What do you think @Thrudge happy to be the forum guinea pig for an untried brand ? Maybe I missed it, but where are they assembled ?
  3. Tea box, you can dress them up. I have 12 watches in mine. I made my own pillows from pipe lagging then covered in green velvet cloth which tucks in neatly at the ends and split.
  4. That's what I'd go for, Orange dial, and size wise (for me) , perfect.
  5. I wouldn't condem any manufacturer as a result of one post on a topic more than a year old without further investigation.
  6. That's the " Mighty Disciplinarian" as advertised in Viz you're thinking about.
  7. I'd like to see/handle one of these, that doesn't necessarily mean I'd buy one, just interesting non the less. Urwerk for (much) less money ?
  8. It certainly is, and many a friends children have been gifted one of these,
  9. In my case; life is Too Crap to Wear a Short Watch.
  10. Chapter 2; The Emperor's new watch collection..
  11. Ignore them, that's more annoying than stamping.on it.
  12. The plot thickens. xxx Next, sterile. and, 531.
  13. Durable seems to be mentioned a lot, I just wonder what durability experience some of these "cosseted" examples would withstand. Would a bi-metal Explorer, for example, at over £8k be a wise "one watch" for me do you think ? Lifestyle would certainly be the number one consideration in my decision.
  14. Purely as a daily wear, one of these, unless anyone tells me they're not good.
  15. Diver. Vostok. Chrono. Seagull. Dress. NOS Pobeda. Beater. £25 Casio world time digi.
  16. Apparently you may get more than you bargained for. Just don't ask for a watch and strap.
  17. Ratnik this fine and sunny day. Another serious contender for the "One watch collection" thread.
  18. I do that anyway. Swinging of the arms also reduce the necessity for a watch winder. I bought this from @Roy years ago, and it perfectly fits the "one watch" bill. every bit a durable as an Explorer or Black Bay, perhaps not as well refined in fit and finish, but does the job.
  19. Generic looks and design, nothing stand out or anything "Brand signature" there. Sorry. Looks like something from @Bricey's microbrand obsession.
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