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    Song Titles Game

    I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself .

    Song Titles Game

    Baby Let me Hold Your Hand
  3. I have a pocket watch that co-ordinates with my pocket. What does that rainbow one go with them ?
  4. Not really. I just find it interesting and worthy of debate. We live in a world economy, make the best out of it and be transparent.
  5. Ok, I've read that, and there is plenty scope for the "unscrupulous". If I take a inexpensive movement, and fit a Swiss Made balance wheel, and spring. Accounting will show, legitimately, that the cost of those two parts will be in excess of the 60% of the value, and or manufacturing costs. Even though the movement has come from another country. It has been stripped the assembled in Switzerland, and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland. ( The assumption being the manufacturer is the watch manufacturer, not the moment manufacturer). Like Swiss Made, words and how you interpret them make a world of difference. Also, is the movement deemed as 1 part ? or recorded as the breakdown of its constituent parts ?
  6. But is this still a loophole/grey area ? take a unit costing £10 from source A, spend 8 hours on it at £20 per hour at source B, and the value of the unit becomes £170 at source B, which equates to a massive increase in the value, but the origins of the original unit has not changed.
  7. The thought never crossed my mind. I suppose attaching the "Swiss Made" logo adds perceived value to the product. In the same way as boasting, "Precision Swiss Quartz Movement", on a £800 watch, when the movement costs less than £25. Perhaps like the food industry having to advise "May contain nuts" some watch manufacturers should advise "May contain Chinese parts." Now, where's my Stornoway Black Pudding .
  8. A lot of word's, and a lot more to read. "Swiss Made" two words, at least one manufacturer is honest. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/watches-jewellery/article/2060499/h-moser-cie-drops-swiss-made-label-and-launches
  9. Always, for day to day transport, MZ and latterly Royal Enfields, have been my choice, especially Enfield, because no one has a spares back up that even comes close. (Hitchcocks Solihull), and, once you get an Enfield sorted out, they don't give much borher.
  10. Exactly, and this is where the fingers are being pointed.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, it's down to your own personal taste. Each scratch and ding on this one is a memory.
  12. I'm not agreeing with it, I'm merely pointing out what is posted. I would love to see an outright denial from the "manufacturers" accused, with evidence that would bury this for good. Most of the posts concerning this predate 2017, but they are still there to be read. Quite a lot of it on the Claro Semag CL-888 movement. Again, this from pre 2017. "Closely related to the the ST16 is the Claro-Semag CL-888. This is the same design as the ST16, but with different manufacture and finishing. The changes and assembly location allow the CL-888 to qualify as “Swiss Made”, which is a protected term. You’ll find the CL-888 in the ~£300 Rotary Jura as well as more expensive options." A lot of this stuff may well be posted by "bedroom cranks" but the manufacturers have the ability to prove them wrong.
  13. If the marks are scratches rather than cracks, I would polish the crystal. It's a great pity so many of the pictures have disappeared from this,
  14. Probably been covered before, but after being inspired by a post of @Caller. I have the occasional poke around. Yesterday I watched the standard YouTube offering made by a "shouty" man from a secure unit, who made some allegations regarding the authenticity of Swiss made. So after doing a bit of further fact checking it would appear that the Swiss made tag can be applied if the VALUE not the content of the watch, exceeds a certain percentage. Which, allegedly, means you can buy a £10 Chinese movement, ship it to Switzerland, and at Swiss hourly wage rates, "refinish" it, which increases its value by a few 100%, and bung it in a watch, and call it Swiss. If this is the case, then I personally think it's naughty. I have not posted a link to the YouTube vid, as the poster uses far to many expletives, but if you find "Frederico talks watches" you won't be far away. I don't have any problems with honest Chinese or Swiss watches, but think about it, If you saw a Dacia Duster advertised at five times retail price, because the standard engine had been rebuilt as standard by a member of the Ferrari F1 team, would you buy it ?
  15. The Black Keys, keeping Junior Kimbrough "alive" a bit refined though.
  16. It's easy, especially if you use a mobile, and worth the subscription.
  17. My wife is a huge formula 1 fan, I go out of the room when its on. Indy 500 ? Not sure. This is exciting.
  18. Now this might be a good idea. Since I am now a "toonser" and have no workshop anymore, and the space is increasing in the spare rooms as the unnecessary clutter slowly diminishes, I now have space for a bench where I can systematically destroy perfectly good watches.
  19. New advertising slogan; ROLEX, IT BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN YOU.
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