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  1. A really rare early 1940's Stetson beaver felt dress fedora out of a second-hand shop. Looked like it had been run over by a truck, but I've got it cleaned, 're-shaped and looking like new.
  2. Fine selection from these shores,
  3. My nearest TKmaxx only has really cheap fashion stuff. So cheap they dont.even have it in a locked display. However Glasgow and Edinburgh do.throw up the occasional jems. An Alpina KM 710 at 60% off retail,
  4. Auto Trader , Add Trader, Exchange and Mart etc etc. I used to sell plant and machinery at Cambridge, Telford and Belle Vue Manchester. I enjoyed driving there with a truck loaded up, and more often than not all the stuff would be sold before it went through the ring to other dealers, and I'd buy stuff to move on at home. On my way home it was mandatory for me to stop and buy regional copies of the Auto Trader to pass on to folks I knew in the motor trade.
  5. Kinch, double kinch, or as they say up hear, "a sows lug". Similar knot but different to how I tie it.
  6. Anything that is sought after will sell regardless of the "selling platform". eBay certainly does help because of the extent of possible buyers. I have two saved searches that I check daily, anything that is "buy it now", and over the market price very rarely sells.
  7. Sales sections in watch forums ?
  8. So have I. Before I sold my last home, the buyer got the most expensive surveyor in the area, who spent all of twenty minutes doing his job. My snagging list is all but completed on my new home after fighting tooth and nail for eighteen months over a list that was agreed through solicitors that would be completed within the first two months after entry.
  9. Which means as a buyer you are better protected on ebay buying a £50 watch than you are buying a £300.000 home off Persimmon.
  10. This is why I mentioned the "good old days" where you would have had your money safely in your pocket, but eBay would/could not operate using such a business model. Very true, and thankfully most of my purchases have been trouble free. Although my policy with eBay is only to spend what I'm prepared to lose.
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