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  1. Correction, this was. The perfect no compromise exercise in style and function. Extra power could have been had without the bends in the exhaust, but it would have looked horrible. The handling on these is amazing, and power out of corners is mental. If you don't know what you're doing, down shifting, and getting the revs wrong, you'd lock up the back wheel, and they're high maintenance. Predecessor wasn't too shabby either, £130000 spare, and I'd have this though.
  2. Zeno, and Seiko did a quartz. And these are around £100.
  3. Thanks Scott, it's a top loader, and I don't think the owner would want to try and remove the dial. It apparently came out of a F.B. Silver trench watch type case. Most of the era seemed to have either IWC movements or Longines, but none that match this. The dial is sterile.
  4. I had a different watch, but with that same weird two second hand thing. I removed the centre second hand, wore it for a while, then gave it to a friend about three years ago, and it's still working fine. You had to be really energetic to keep my one going though, so I think it gets manually wound now. Time keeping is about +3seconds per day. Mine cost £8 Inc post off Amazon. It had some weird name, "Beautiful View" or something.
  5. Can anyone help me with identifying this please, I just got the pic sent from a friend, apparently it came out of a F.B. trench watch. Thanks.
  6. Here's a couple of decent and useable car engined conversions.I
  7. Me, I'd have the GMT. Are you going for either with strap only, and no bracelet ? You may regret that. I think the GMT looks better on the Bracelet, whereas the Burgendy looks good on either, but that's just my tast. Both good whichever you decide on.
  8. Yes, and Scurfa. https://www.scurfawatches.com/diverone2018nd513black
  9. A friend bought a box of assorted junk at a village auction for under a fiver, because there was a toy in it his daughter wanted. A few years later he went through it to see if their was anything in it worth keeping before it went in the bin. one of these,
  10. I do like the odd Chinese cheapo. This came today, about the price of three packets of fags including post etc. 35mm without crown, 35 jewel rudimentary movement, quick set day/date, manual and auto wind, non hacking. Obviously disposable if anything goes wrong, but I've got a few manual Shanghai watches, and not had any issues to date.
  11. It's very useable, I'm 6ft and can get in and out with ease, and it's comfortable. Suspension is rock hard, and the steering is very quick and does not like any road undulations. What surprised me is the fit and finish of the bodywork, which for a 30 year old vehicle is exceptional. the body on my old "Plastic pig" Scimitar used to squeak and creak all the time, this doesn't, and all the bits seem to be readily available.
  12. 1. A Vostok Amphibian or 24 hour analogue. To appreciate that Soviet era technology isn't as bad as it's made out to be, plus they are easy to modify. 2. Anything with a Unitas 6497/6498 hand wound movement, to experience the vintage feel without the hassle. 3. Seiko Diver of your choice, because you should have one. 4. Vintage Russian Pobeda, vintage doesn't have to be expensive. They are reliable and durable. 5. G Shock of your choice, so many to choose from, and durable/useful, and a certificate of competency should be issued if you can understand and remember the instructions/operations.
  13. Pal was round today, Surprisingly reliable, and super clean, considering its used regularly.
  14. Wondering what to put on today, when the postie knocked.
  15. You may be right. What I find strange however, is that anytime I have made a similar purchase, the AD has removed all the stickers, and thoroughly checked, and polished the watch with a soft cloth. This video, to me anyway, is more damning on the AD. An acquaintance in the trade once told me that all their products are thoroughly checked before sale, and photographed. If there are any blemishes, then they are returned to the manufacturer/importer. This works in both their favour, and stops "Mr or Mrs angry" shouting on the internet. Mistakes happen, they shouldn't, but they do, and they can be resolved.
  16. As you said in your Breitling post, "Anecdotally it appears that about 95% of UK watch purchases are by the non-WIS Joe-public". So I wouldn't think the AD, or Tudor will be too bothered. This shouldn't have happened, and had the purchaser inspected the watch properly before leaving the shop it wouldn't have. Regardless of how much a "good guy" the shop manager is, I put my trust in a loupe.
  17. There is an easy answer. DONT DO IT.
  18. One of these, sold it to by a Panerai which never happened.
  19. My diesel special was the same colour, "Harvest Gold", I'll probably have the paint code somewhere as well. Although it ended up Forth Bridge red.
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