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  1. Been through all that, only problem was I got rid of the wrong one.
  2. Leave it alone. I have one that never gets worn. Keeping it stops me from buying another one. Has it had any long lasting effects?
  3. I bet you can't wait to retire.
  4. Used Stowa Flieger Classic 6498, because I've been putting it off for far too long. Favourite movement, at 41mm it's at the smaller end of 6498 powered wristwatches, and it's completely unpretentious. All the watch I'll ever, or really need. Probably end up putting a load of stuff up for sale as a result.
  5. If you're prepared to play the waiting game, something vintage in good order will come along, and don't let "waterproofness" be the be all and end all of the decision. I've worn watches in very hostile environments with zero rating, and none have come to any harm. Plus old quality manual wind movements are anything from fragile. Spending a bit of time researching will pay dividends. Anything I have with A.Schild movements are reliable and accurate, and the fact that some date from the 1950's speaks well of their quality and long term durability. They'll see me out.
  6. Yes, you're right. I saw them when I was looking for a cheap bronze Merkur. I think they are the same company. Best to keep a regular eye on the site as they seem to do runs on certain styles.
  7. These will brighten up your day. Same mechanical movement as the single hand LUCH and around €159
  8. Which is exactly what I've done, and equally there is a place in my collection at both ends of the scale.
  9. This. Because no one else will have the watch my father in law bought "caned" on a flight back from wherever, and then wore for every working day of his life until he retired, with all the battle scars to prove it.
  10. Poke your nose in to a local machine shop and see if you can scrounge some. As@Alpha550t says, it's soluble oil (emulsified). Water dissipates heat better than oil. The same stuff is good for injecting into the inlet manifold on old diesels to make them go better.
  11. I would agree with that. Nobody gets it right all the time, and the proof of good service is how the manufacturer deals with it when things go wrong. I had an issue with my Black Bay steel which was turned around in a month, with a special thanks to Hamilton and Inches in Edinburgh.
  12. You could always keep an eye on eBay for a decent original. (This one's a bit worn) https://www.ebay.com/i/333588669781?chn=ps
  13. Of course there are, but many of the "iconic" watches of today are close interpretations of them. Mainly by Switzerland's two most "desired" brands. What I want is a 2021 Ford Cortina 2000 GXL. I'll bet if Ford did a "Rolex" and made a limited pre order run of them, there would be a waiting list a mile long. Nostalgia sells.
  14. Non descript "home brew" thing this morning. Seagull Unitas 6497 clone inside.
  15. Go back 30 years and see how inspirational things have been. Hmmm.
  16. I've had a grown-up check. This Slava has 8 sides.
  17. %&ש so it is. been at the peeve. Just checking that you were paying attention.
  18. VIctorinox. good deals to be had if you shop around. TKmaxx has them sub £200. If you hang around and make 50 meaningful posts, you can then advertise in the forum wanted section.
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