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  1. Try posting your question in; Technical Questions & General Help
  2. Depends on which one matches your yacht.
  3. Lack of perception and brand gullibility. @BondandBigM I meant Rol€x. Nothing wrong with a "Monster Munch". (There's a new nickname)
  4. This goes as deep, in a shallower pocket. excellent ballast too.
  5. Easily fixed if it's a body part. Wrist size increasors.
  6. We've gone back to the 70's this week.
  7. They are an excellent watch, and not much will beat them for price in relation to quality. Unless they've been changed, the bracelet is far superior to anything that comes on a Seiko in the same price range and upwards. Only thing I don't like is the push button deployant clasp, I much prefer fold over.
  8. Save a load of cash and get an Orient Triton. It's even got a decent bracelet.
  9. It would appear it isn't a dive watch, and it is also quartz with a fixed bezel, and classed as "sporty chic" and "dangerously desirable".
  10. You require a divers watch with a fully functioning bezel for that.
  11. I would say current period fashion and what is available plays as much a part. If the current stars are wearing 32mm watches, and that is what is available, then that is what people will wear.
  12. Supponendo che Google Translate sia accurato, questi orologi subacquei non hanno cornici.
  13. 7 1/2" wrist, and my preference is 34-36 mm. Probably as a result of years of work where large bulky watches were all too easily snagged and damaged. I have larger watches, but I'm always conscious of their bulk and never comfortable wearing them. I also have this habit of clanging big watches off lamp posts/sign posts etc.
  14. I'd be looking forward to having only one service expense if I had the Air King, also a very distinct advantage it has over a JLC. It's all down to taste anyway. The only reason I don't have an Air King is because I already have an Explorer.
  15. Based on the crowns alone, the Oris. Who on earth thought that crown would be a good Idea on that Rado ?
  16. Pre hysteria models are in a completely different dimension.
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