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  1. That looks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  2. Was it not Che Guevara who said "if you give a child a toy, they'll want two" ? Or something like that.
  3. I wonder if they do a "Haggis Skin" strap ?
  4. Latest Multi Year Calendar watch (Orient). Replaces in order of failure; Wittnauer, Raketa, and as of this month my Luch, bought from @Roywhen he was selling them, unfortunately I can't find the guarantee. Ordered it from the US just over a week ago. Apart from being very poorly packaged, everything else was ok, duty paid etc.
  5. If you definitely want a Grand Seiko go for it, they are in a different league. Buying anything else (in my opinion) doesn't compare. I've had a few "lesser" examples, and always been disappointed with their accuracy in comparison with cost. So my theory being if I want a watch that runs around 20+ seconds a day, I'll buy a "5" , that way I've no cause to complain. Wait a minute, I've just bought a cheap Seiko 5 and its running +1 second/24 hours. Seiko Sumo SBDC003 6R15 movement +25/-15 seconds per day (published accuracy spec) Tuna SBDY055 4R36 movement +45 seconds to -35 seconds accuracy, I have a 4R36 movement Seiko, and out of the box it was running just under +45 seconds, as.well as having a misaligned bezel, so bearing that in mind if you used my example as a comparison, it would be more likely to put you off a Grand Seiko.
  6. Ok, I'll admit I don't really like NATO straps, but I keep on trying. I was pleasantly surprised by the Pertexo strap, it's slightly thicker than the norm, very flexible, soft and comfortable, and most of all, easily adjustable for a perfect fit with the tail nearly fitting inside both of the metal keepers and not flapping about between like some others. Here's a pic; the Lunar Strap is at the top, notice the difference in the hole count between the cheaper one below. Sometimes the extra few £'s is worth it.
  7. It would probably add three years to the waiting list, and £7.6 K to the grey dealers price tag.
  8. This, because my wife bought it for me, and I'd get beaten up if I didn't say it was the only one I'd keep.
  9. It could also be a way of calculating production run numbers. Send me your Cartier RMSD. ASAP. Exclusivity is like respect. It should be earned, not manufactured.
  10. Shanghai big digit, https://www.good-stuffs.com/Shanghai-big-digits-white-dial-hand-winding-mechanical-watch_p_503.html I've had a couple of cheapos from China recently, both appeared inside 10 days (which means if you order one after my recommendation, it will take 10 months). I've bought stuff off the above seller. His communication was non existent, and I doubt if any aftersales exists, but the watches arrived promptly.
  11. I really really hope this arrogance eventually backfies, after I've sold mine. What length of waiting list do you think I should specify for prospective customers, after I've moved to Wick for viewing purposes.
  12. That, along with the Bermuda Triangle, is one of the worlds great unsolved mysteries.
  13. A chronometer timed Pizza is always superlative and flavoursome.
  14. This morning at the pond.
  15. Picked these up from Lidl this morning. Excellent for re-finishing bracelet/clasps and brushed finish watch cases that have picked up the odd scratch and ding along the way. £1.49 per pack. Always practice on something first.
  16. A 24 hour analogue dial has its advantages.
  17. Here's a map to help you.
  18. I stand and shout at the sea. My opinion ? If you have to try your best to think of a reason for using a bezel, you probably don't need one, although I was in a pub the other night and overheard a rather attractive woman saying "if only that man had a bezel on his watch, I'd have been taking him home for some fun".
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