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  1. Bells are dangerous. I find excessive use can lead to A & E, to have them removed from your lower body.
  2. I rode a derestricted ebike (30mph) through the town, and it was dangerous. Mainly because pedestrians can't hear it coming, don't look to see what's coming, and if they do look, don't expect a bicycle to be traveling towards them at 30 mph, so they just walk Infront of you regardless. The UK 15.5 mph is probably a sensible restriction.
  3. This. It's disposable, accurate, no loss if it gets damaged, 36mm which is my perfect size, and it cost less new than it will to service, so if it lasts 10 years and then breaks it'll go in the bin.
  4. I used to have that blog bookmarked (and interesting), but I find it now wholly nauseating, and completely detached from reality.
  5. No, what you experienced was an earful of full on delusional gimp talk.
  6. No, I've had it for at least 4 years.
  7. Serious attempt to go quartz this week. Rebranded (fashion) Shinola, with an initial rediculously high price tag, but well made and decent quality.
  8. What the shops local to me do is give a full refund if the watch doesn't work, and there's any number of battery bodgers that'll check it for free.
  9. So if you see a clean vintage Longines Admiral HF automatic for £6 with "needs battery" on the tag, you'd walk on by. Or would you go into the shop and say "pardon me sir/madam, but that watch in your cabinet is a desirable and quite scarce vintage automatic, and I shall whip out my wallet and give you £175 for it instead"?
  10. Had a few like that out of charity shops.
  11. Turkish. Monday pazartesi Tuesday salı Wednesday çarşamba Thursday perşembe Friday cumā Saturday cumartesi Sunday pazar Maybe it has a sperm count complication ?
  12. Once upon a time you could buy perfectly respected hand wound watches equipped with ETA 2801 movements for under £150, and that was long after the time when my granny was a boy. O & W, and Zeno to mention but two, but hype and marketing, rather than quality and performance, have steadily pushed prices upwards, with some pretty ordinary 2801 equipped watches costing £1000+.
  13. Ford across the Tay at low tide.
  14. A good find @Sulieand looks to be in remarkable nick as well.
  15. I see a lot of these when I'm out and about, but possibly not the choice of the watch bothering/WIS fraternity. my wife has one as her daily wearer.
  16. Well I can confirm I'm more than pleased with the range of my electric "womans" bike, and I was delighted, and surprised to be passed by @Teg62x and @Biker whilst out cycling between Wicks O' Baiglie and Yetts O' Muckhart this afternoon.
  17. What a delight to see a proper sized crown.
  18. The forum is open to many a "lurker", so not necessarily. There were a some very nice discounted Swiss autos on Tkmaxx, and I made the "mistake" of not buying one before posting the link on here. By the time I went back to order, they'd all gone.
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