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  1. That equates to £68.11 for four litres. I buy 10/40 full synthetic competition oil in 25 litre drums. Works out at £199.96/25 litres.
  2. Casio radio controlled wave receptor, just looks horrible. Plus side is because of its accuracy I use it for setting my other watches. So I kept it. A lose win situation.
  3. I have this for larger areas.
  4. The one on the canvas strap does look good. Not so sure about the rubber one though.
  5. I used to sell Honda mowers, for two reasons. They gave the least hassle and most important of all they had the best spares back up by far. On the odd occasion you required anything other than service parts.
  6. Tried one on recently with the brown leather strap, lovely. Second choice would be this,
  7. These are marketed under the heading of "indestructibles"
  8. Have you checked the current prices of these, And these?
  9. But 20 of these, they're 99p each including postage. Tell him they have an unconditional guarantee so when it gets broken its returned to you and you replace it with another 99pence worth. When they're all done maturity may have settled in.
  10. A Guzzi twin is quicker and easier to service than a watch.
  11. You could ditch the car, buy a bicycle and buy a Patek with the money save off the car payments.
  12. I thought you meant breeks and I went and looked out a pair for you.
  13. I got this in an email today. Four piece, bolt-reinforced roller buckle style closure.Stainless steel case back with brass PVD plating and Filson logo is secured by six screws. Shinola Argonite 715 quartz movement. Green dial with Swiss Super LumiNova hands, Arabic numbers and hour markers on the index for increased visibility even in low light.Three-hand with date.Curved, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating for glare reduction.Watch strap is military-grade G10 nylon.Hand assembled in Detroit. Would this impress the average punter. I've left the price off, what would you pay for it. Bearing in mind the Filson logo is secured by six screws.
  14. Being admin your diplomacy is exemplary.
  15. I don't drive fast enough to wear out brakes. Plus my Hi- lux has the "Aberdeen Overdrive" option .
  16. You need to adjust your driving habits. My old Hy-lux 96000 miles, still on original brakes all round.
  17. So what would you call a woman using the technique?
  18. This is one subject that has puzzled me. During the Vietnam war the American air force dropped agent Orange defoliant in order to clear jungle areas, with the huge leap forward in technology, both in the use of chemicals and unmanned drones, guided by satellite technology, if it is possible to literally drop a projectile down a chimney, surely a huge area of poppies wouldn't be too much of a problem to eradicate.
  19. You can pick up a Tudor Heritage Ranger, for your budget if you shop around.
  20. Which proves that, "intelligence", and the part of, which studies the psychological aspect of a counties populace, were either incompetent, or were "briefed" to mislead. (Or both).
  21. Whenever I see this question, why is it the poor old Vostok Amphibian, much loved by the modifier elsewhere, gets left out of the budget diver category/solution?. No disrespect to the op as I know the quest was for a quartz diver. Just wondered.
  22. I once told an objectionable and nippy sales man that my Vostok had the latest desmodromic zodial hairspring oscillator, and he informed me he knew all about it, then I thought who's taking the piss out of who?
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