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  1. Supermarine or Triumph ? Did you know pre Defenders all came with a tool kit containing a pair of these, and a pallet of these. the Land Rover one looks OK, but the fit and finish is too good.
  2. I honestly find this tedious, regardless of manufacturer. A watch should sell on its own merits without sticking bits of something else in it/on it. I've had a lifetimes gut full of Land Rovers as a work tool, and I don't want to be reminded about it by something on my wrist. I still have the scars.
  3. Probably worth double checking, it's not the first time I've been given a wrong service estimate.
  4. I was quoted the same price for both earlier this year from the AD I use.
  5. Yes, and not worth bothering with an independent at that price. Had one of mine done pre COVID and the turnaround time was good.
  6. And that's from a major manufacturer. I have a modern Citizen diver with a scratched bezel insert, no aftermarket alternatives available. Citizen will only supply if the watch is returned to them to fit. So something that would be a £20 easy fix solution on a Seiko, becomes unrealistic.
  7. Pay attention at the back there. "BERNHARD LEDERER CENTRAL IMPULSE CHRONOMETER" You could get a house (in Caithness) a Dacia Sandero, and the return bus fare for a happy meal in Inverness.
  8. I always wonder about the long term supply of microbrand specific parts. I once bought a diver (eBay) from a well known brand with the bezel missing thinking (incorrectly) that because it was a respected brand parts would be available, they weren't, and aren't. The same would seem to apply to others. I have in the past asked about availability of parts, bezel/inserts etc, at point of order, but the usual reply offering a "full and comprehensive backup" is the usual. I get the feeling that a lot of brands are fully aware of the fact that the majority of what they sell will never see much more action other than rubbing against a shirt cuff, on the occasional day it's out of the box.
  9. £104,643, not an impulse buy then ?
  10. I'd have a search on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=23mm leather watch strap&ref=auto-1 I've ordered straps from all over the world without any issues.
  11. Exactly. Despite what the marketing "pirates" blow up your nether regions, there's not much needing to be changed in the mechanics on watches. The ETA 2824-2 will be 40 years in production next year.
  12. Still available if you know where to look.
  13. Hour/minute hands slightly out of sync.
  14. Interesting perhaps, I have 2 vintage Seagull watches (ST5's), 2 modern (ST 19 and ST3600) all of which have remarkably accurate time keeping. I also have a new Timex with a Seagull movement, and the timekeeping is poor, reading some of the feedback on the Timex site, it would appear that this is a common complaint, so possibly QC issues with Timex ?
  15. If you could post a picture that would help a lot.
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