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  1. 6 hours ago, AVO said:

    Good morning all,

    I seem to have lost the facility to upload or attach new pictures, such as in the WRUW threads…any threads, really.

    When I look at the writing box I can still see the row of icons at the top for fonts, Smilies and so on. I can still see the drop-down that says other media, which allows me to post existing attachments or a picture online.

    What I can’t see is the option that used to be on the left-hand side at the bottom, which allowed me to attach files from my device’s photo library. This has obviously disappeared in the last couple of days. I’m using an iPad and safari, if that’s any help.

    Many thanks.

    Have you tried using a different device. My tablet has been doing similar, but everything is as usual on my phone. The other weird thing is if I change my tablet to "desktop" the issues disappear.

  2. 5 minutes ago, mitadoc said:

    What is the point in 250 pcs?

    "Toe in the water" perhaps ? Or keep the brand exclusive more likely.

    It's interesting that the Seiko Alpinist reissue with an original retail price of £2700, is now being discounted by almost £1000 a year later because they aren't shifting. Although Zenith are in a different league. :hmmm9uh:

  3. 3 minutes ago, Bricey said:

    You'd get them under your £200 threshold on wish!

    You could. :laughing2dw:

    Despite the recent "nay sayers" on modern retro, and smaller size watches. It's a long time since I've seen something that genuinely takes my interest, and the current two both come from Zenith.


    back catalogues can be "inspirational" and safe. Retro sells. :yes:

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