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  1. well, I have figured out all the knobs and its working now. Left center one - turn to rotate the bezel, crown doesn't need to/can't be pulled out. Right center one - adjust time (crown to be pulled out slightly to position 1) - if you are adjusting day, date, month, year then adjust the time at the last before pressing the crown back to crown position 0 Right top one - when right center crown is pulled out, rotate this crown anti-clockwise and then it becomes a push knob to change the DATE of the month. Once you have set the correct DATE, turn the crown clockwise to tighten it
  2. Thanks Andy, I figured out the left centre crown rotates the bezel. Now to figure out the 4 push button knobs.
  3. Hi All, I was recently gifted a Ingersoll Automatic watch Bison no.49 (model - IN1507BKYL). Its a beautiful looking watch. I was going through its manual to understand how to change the day/date/month/year but simply couldn't figure out how to use the 2 crowns and 4 push button knobs around it. Appreciate if you someone could be kind enough to explain this to me please. Also, do I have to keep winding this watch constantly or is there a easy way to ensure it doesnt stop working? Thanks Arvind
  4. thats a very renowned brand in India. well I was pointing to the 2 similar looking Invictas. One of them is due to be returned...
  5. Tiny watch collection in my house (no big brands here though): - https://s31.postimg.org/nbk0vxubv/20160623_145427_1.jpg - https://s31.postimg.org/733s9tzqz/20160623_145356.jpg lets see if someone spots anything unusual
  6. You are a genius!!! I was wondering what that recessed thing does but didnt bother to try pressing it.
  7. been there, done that too. I am thinking of heading to a Invicta service centre to figure this out now. Cousin bought it from Amazon. Even he is feeling bad for the issue...
  8. Unfortunately not in my case. I did ask few of my friends to try their luck as well but it simply wouldnt work.
  9. thanks apm101 for your response. Even I felt that it was an issue with the watch. Since then I have replaced it twice, now I am on my 3rd watch and dont have the courage to go back and ask for another replacement. I must have started looking stupid/time waster to the seller by now.
  10. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here. I was recently gifted a Invicta I-Force Quartz watch (model no. 13010). I have been trying to set the date on this watch by pulling the crown to position 1 as per the manual; but however delicately I try, I always end up in position 2. Is there a knack to do this or am I doing it completely wrong? If anyone here could advice please? Thanks
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