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  1. if you all wonder, what watch i am talking about
  2. Okay, thank you for your advices. I really appreciate it. I think i should not buy this watch then. Quess i have to search for a better quality build movement.
  3. I thought about it a long time now. I did research the manufacturer and he got really good reviews. Even the materials seem to be of high quality. As i said, my only problem is that i have not the knowledge about movements, since there are various types. Well what is a good movement for this price?
  4. Well, i already read that post. The problem is i am new to the topic of good watches. I normally bought "Fossil", therefore i dont know what is special on ETA movements like the 2824 etc. Is the ETA 2824 better than the ETA 6497?
  5. Hey, so actually i am concern about buying a watch from a small manufacturer in switzerland. It got a SW200-1 movement. Is this movement good? I mean the watch costs about 1300 Euro. I know it is probably high prized so i am not quite sure if i am about to do a great mistake. Here is the link of their website: http://www.unikatuhren.ch/deepbluestar.html
  6. Dear Bloggers, the last time i tried to get some advices here, at this forum, I just got crushed and banned for no reason. So I retry it. My name is Nico and i am 23 years old. I am living in Germany and working as intern in Switzerland. Lately i found a great watch to buy, but i do not really have the knowledge about what i have to take care of when buying a high quality watch. What are the famous mistakes made? Probably anyone of you might give me some hints? If needed I can post the link of the watch, although i am not sure, if it is allowed to post things here. Probabl
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