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  1. something a little different today...a Smiths Aquatite ‘water resisting’ watch. These seem a bit mystical...but love their simplicity. Abit like the Hillary original?
  2. Todays restoration watch! I really love the original strap on this watch...it’s going to end up for keeps!
  3. And today’s!! A Smiths Deluxe AB476 from 1957. These guys were at the dress end of the ‘Everest’ Range with aquatite rear case. Love the delicacy in the design...yet here is a watch designed for expedition!! Just as a comparison...here’s the Smiths Deluxe A404 I serviced and restored over Easter. Built to last!! This one is from a little later in the A404 story...around 1959 when Smiths started to use shockproof balances. They were running out of room for labels on the watch face!!
  4. Another recent restoration...these Smiths Imperial watches were made to impress! How many others are out there? This is an I203 dating to the early 1960s with a cal 0104 19 jewel movement! Impressed with the size of the watch!
  5. I have lots of Smiths Empire original straps but no Deluxe/Astral originals. Smiths watches are my passion, I have literally hundreds in my collection and spend many hours restoring them. This is my latest restoration project...a Smiths A404. Needed a good service but little else!
  6. Hi...as far as I am aware they haven't been relumed...and the face is original. However...the watch doesn't have the screw back if most A404's. I will post some pictures of it when I get home. Soeaking of unusual, I have been restoring this watch for the shop: I had never come across a 16 Jewel Smiths watch before this. I did have to do restoration on the mechanism, took me ages to find the parts via an old 16 Jewel Benson with 16j Smiths mechanism.
  7. Hi! Andy here...quite new to the forum. Am a self taught horologist. I enjoy both collecting and restoring vintage Wnglish Smiths watches. Last Demember I opened an online shop selling them too and offering repairs and servicing. Fascinating watches, I guess they will become increasingly rare over time, but so many different designs, each watch seems to be its own eccentric individual! My wear of choice is an A404 which I treasure! Good to meet you all!
  8. Some I collect, some I sell on. This one needed little restoration for the store. Funny how some of these old watches maintain such a perfect condition. Evidence of a well loved or NOT well loved watch...depending on your perspective!
  9. I like the Everest Auromatic! Have been restoring a few ...here's a more unusual one: A 16 Jewel Smiths Deluxe. Had to do some restoration on it...managed to find a 16 Jewel Benson watch (they used the Smiths mechanisms for a while) to bring this watch back to life! I'll try again...the picture didn't download! My 16 Jewel Smiths Deluxe! Will eventually get the hang of this!
  10. Getting better! My own Smiths...A404 face, I recently had an A404 to relume (hands only) for a client. He'd also had the case replated. Matter of choice, I quite like to see some ageing for authenticity. Andy
  11. http://pin.it/OfohKmQ Lets see if this works! If it does...there should be a picture of a superb 1950s Smiths Deluxe watch above!!
  12. I have emailed Bruce, Cheers, Andy
  13. Recently opened a small online store dealing with Smiths watches. Self taught repairer and servicer...just love these watches. My daily wear and prized possession is an A404!
  14. I collect, restore and sell these watches in my shop...something about them and their history that I just can't get enough of!
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