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  1. I would not go out a spend big money on a new gold watch unless it was a Moser & Cie in 18ct white gold i can only dream at the moment , i was once told by a collector that back in the day and not sure how far back he means that if you had a gold watch then you was a person who made it in life ...well i can understand that makes some sense but for me i own a few gold watches and some have nice engraving on the case back all though not that fashionable now days with the younger folk due to the sizes of vintage gold watches i like the history behind a vintage gold watch not for the gold value but wondering who owned it etc..if you shop around there are some very nice watches to be had at a fair prices from lesser known manufactures with decent movements
  2. I think they are around £1950 here in the UK I paid a little less than the retail price on mine
  3. It’s not a bad watch a nice size at 40mm and comfortable on the wrist , the strap is soft and a good quality some people complain about the price of the watch but you could do a lot worse my only complaint is that being a automatic it has a noisy rota
  4. Recently bought the 1968 i also own the Pan Europe Hamilton watches always worth a look
  5. Thanks for the comments guys can anybody help figure out the case number
  6. Well not sure where to start had a surprise visit over the weekend but i first laid eyes on this watch nearly 2 years ago when a customer popped into to see me with some watches and this was one of them he bought along and i fell in love at first sight and i have been asking about the watch ever since that faithful day he graced me with the watch, and luckily for me he decided that he no longer had any interest in the watch and a deal was done This will be picture heavy sorry to say From the history of the watch i am told that his grandfather bought the watch new when he was overseas but i was more impressed with all the original documents well at the moment i am very pleased with the watch even googled the jewellers and they are still in business the only thing i am struggling with is reading the last 2 letters on the case number i think the first letter is an A but the second one i am unable to read i could just open the case back but the watch has never been messed and i don't really wish to damage the case trying to remove it anyone have thoughts on what the letter or digit could be i have tried my friend google with the case number but getting mixed results but apart from this i am very happy
  7. Decided to go ahead and treat myself i had been pondering over a few watches for the past few months and went with the hamilton intra matic 68 not a bad watch at 40 mm fits nicely on the wrist i came close to a Bremont but decided on the hamilton instead not really sure if i have made the right choice as not quite feeling the love with this one
  8. Thank you dear sir i have locked myself away Moser.......HMmmmmmmmmmm
  9. Just fitted a new bracelet and crystal checking the watch for time keeping before adding to the website Happy Sunday
  10. Currently in the process of moving over to a website as the overheads where killing me and traffic of people passing the shop was slowly dwindling due to parking problems around town amongst other things , and now the only cost i will have now is my monthly charge for the website server saving me a large amount each month
  11. Today i am wearing a 1940 Bulova American Eagle it went from this And received it yesterday looking like this very happy , and a big thank you to Simon for his trouble
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