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  1. Not sure how true this is but have heard a rumour that Page and Cooper have gone into voluntary liquidation like i said it's just rumour by all accounts the website is still up and running ...anybody shed some light on the subject
  2. Ball watches are a very underrated brand and fairly priced at times
  3. indeed Mr WRENCH forget all this watch snobbery stuff
  4. I say forget this mid entry or high entry watch stuff just buy what ever you can afford and what you like at the end of the day it's there to tell you the time no matter if it's a Casio to Rolex and always look on the second hand market some of these high entry watches can be had for a decent price if you shop around
  5. seller on eBay based in Germany has a good selection of various Russian watches named ( sonnenflasche )
  6. I sell quite a few watches on eBay i always use the Ebay global shipping program for any international buyers ,
  7. a very nice watch and a underrated watch plus i think it has an 9k rota don't count me correct on that but here is mine
  8. after converting the 1958 rate to today's rate of the Singapore dollar it works out to just over £1430 @scottswatches
  9. here are some pictures with Flickr @scottswatches or any other member
  10. i will try to get some pictures uploaded @scottswatches
  11. Wrench i would consider letting the watch go if you are interested drop me a PM if you like
  12. I own a vintage CK2852 Constellation i bought mine from the original owner i bought as an impulse buy my head over my heart , although i am thinking of selling mine due to not having much wrist plus i have watches in my collection and to be honest not really fell for the Constellation scared to knocking it about here are some pictures of mine i guess what really made me buy mine is that it came complete with all the original paperwork and the condition
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