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  1. a very nice watch and a underrated watch plus i think it has an 9k rota don't count me correct on that but here is mine
  2. My guess would be a CAL 105 ....only a guess
  3. after converting the 1958 rate to today's rate of the Singapore dollar it works out to just over £1430 @scottswatches
  4. here are some pictures with Flickr @scottswatches or any other member
  5. i will try to get some pictures uploaded @scottswatches
  6. Wrench i would consider letting the watch go if you are interested drop me a PM if you like
  7. I own a vintage CK2852 Constellation i bought mine from the original owner i bought as an impulse buy my head over my heart , although i am thinking of selling mine due to not having much wrist plus i have watches in my collection and to be honest not really fell for the Constellation scared to knocking it about here are some pictures of mine i guess what really made me buy mine is that it came complete with all the original paperwork and the condition
  8. 9ct Gold 1964 Marvin today recent addition to the Marvin collection
  9. I have a Union Glashutte panorama big date good quality watch never knew it had a 9ct gold rota can pick one up now for less than £1000 if you look around
  10. i think they are still independently owned
  11. Just came across this post issued by Warrington police force via Facebook today , interesting ...Adim please remove if not allowed If you are offered the chance to buy something at a price that sounds too good to be true then it almost certainly is.A 23-year-old fraudster from Lymm in Warrington has been ordered to pay back his victim £2,700 and given a nine-week curfew order with electronic monitoring.Harry Herbert, of Springbank Gardens, sold the victim, a 67-year-old man from Thingwall, Merseyside, an ‘Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph’ watch he knew to be fake for £2,650 in March after advertising it for sale via a classified advertisement and community website. The victim was given a certificate of authenticity by Herbert. However, jewellery stores later confirmed to the victim that the watch and the certificate were fakes. They valued the watch at around £100. A jewellery store later told investigating officers that Herbert had been informed that the watch was a fake in 2017 after having it assessed for him. He signed a form confirming that he had been given this information. Presented with the overwhelming evidence officers obtained against him, Herbert originally agreed to receive a conditional caution and attend a victim awareness course. But he failed to adhere to the condition of paying the victim back the money he fraudulently took from him so the case was sent to the courts. Herbert pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud by false representation and was sentenced at Warrington Magistrates’ Court. As well as ordering Herbert to pay the victim the money he is owed, magistrates also ordered the fraudster to pay £85 court costs and an £85 victim surcharge. For information and advice about counterfeit goods fraud visit http://socsi.in/3DDko.
  12. How often to you wear the Moser ?
  13. Maybe consider another brand i went for the Hamilton chrono
  14. I would not go out a spend big money on a new gold watch unless it was a Moser & Cie in 18ct white gold i can only dream at the moment , i was once told by a collector that back in the day and not sure how far back he means that if you had a gold watch then you was a person who made it in life ...well i can understand that makes some sense but for me i own a few gold watches and some have nice engraving on the case back all though not that fashionable now days with the younger folk due to the sizes of vintage gold watches i like the history behind a vintage gold watch not for the gold value but wondering who owned it etc..if you shop around there are some very nice watches to be had at a fair prices from lesser known manufactures with decent movements
  15. I think they are around £1950 here in the UK I paid a little less than the retail price on mine
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