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  1. For years I craved a Tag Heuer watch but due to the costs of normal life I could never justify spending the money on a hobby. Now in later life I have more disposable income an am fortunate to have built a collection to be happy with. As I got into the watch scene it was soon evident that Other brands out there far superior and I am lucky to own a couple from the likes of Omega and Breitling. I do still love a Tag and although they get a slating on this forum, I personally think they are a great brand and of a good quality. So here are mine, and would like to fill the other 2 spaces with a Monaco and an Autavia. Anyone else out there that appreciates the brand?
  2. Probably a bit more than 5k. Got them on Chrono24 ranged 4200-5800 but most are dealers so you have to take into account sellers fees, warranty and profit so would say 3.5k a good deal. Think we are the only 2 Jersey beans on the forum! Unless there’s any more of you out there?
  3. Hi is this the one on Jersey Insight? I live in Jersey and have seen this advertised for quite a few weeks. I would say it was genuine. The price seems about right for a private sale depending which site your comparing to. Ask the seller if he bought it locally, if so it’s got to be Hettich. Good lick anyway. By the way have you checked out the 3 posted on JT today a Speedmaster and Seamaster. Both look good for the money cheers
  4. Happy birthday and love the watch congratulations
  5. Snap! Well nearly! Love my seawolf
  6. snap! Really good quality keeps to 1 second a day, tough as ole boots used on all my holidays for sea swimming etc. The watch snobs tend to slate RW but Personally think the quality is good . Maybe a bit overpriced as new but good value preowned or heavily discounted new
  7. Breitling like the history and the unique designs (mainly the traditional models)
  8. Older Breitling today only had this for a week but still loving it. The bracelet is so comfortable! Happy Sunday!
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