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  1. Good morning from sunny Jersey. Thought I’d go for my this watch today as sun is out restaurants are open and all things are looking a bit better
  2. This one for me just because it’s my favorite
  3. Stunning watch congratulations, I’m really being drawn towards Bremont
  4. Morning all from another cold day in Jersey
  5. Do you mean this one? If so it’s the top of the box
  6. With the shops finally opening in Jersey And with the blessing of the Wife, I finally decided to pull the trigger on a watch I’ve always considered one of my grail watches. After doing some homework and reading many articles on the current watch market and taking advice from a couple local dealers the decision was made to act now. I’ve had a niggling feeling that with the current situation with Rolex sports watches and the new moon watch model being priced at 6k together with a steady price rise in preowned examples, that demand will start affecting availability and prices start getting silly
  7. My wife has taken an interest in watches of late which I thought was great but has since cost me! First it was a Channel J12 then next up for her 50th a white 36mm Planet Ocean now the latest is this !
  8. Good morning to all from rainy Jersey. Have good weekend, if you can!
  9. You’d probably get a good preowned one of these for around the 500 mark
  10. Rainy day in Jersey so cheering myself up with this one
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