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  1. have a happy birthday on this beautiful sunny Saturday
  2. Tag for me although longines are great watches too
  3. ML make some reasonable dress watches picked this up for a third of your budget and looks good on the mesh strap (extra 90 pounds for the ML variant
  4. How about a preowned Tag Heuer or probably a new one if you shop around.
  5. Yes, then sell it and by a watch I really wanted ie JLC Polaris
  6. My other half has a Channel J12. It’s 12 years old, is a daily wear and suffers quite a lot of abuse! Still looks like it did on the day or purchase not a single mark!
  7. Sunny Rhodes for 2 weeks rest relaxation and proposed to my now new to be wife!! His and hers today
  8. this ones quartz but a good brand with mechanical options. Ramon’s Weil in my view make some great watches although are slated by some watch snobs
  9. Used Tag. There’s some great deals out there an I love my 3
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