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  1. Morning all, especially for Bricey for mentioning in his posts this one today
  2. I haven’t been lucky enough to win the lottery, but after a few years of wheeling and dealing, I managed to get the five I’ve wanted, not to say there isn’t room for something special if my numbers did come up . These are mine and I’m satisfied enough with them
  3. This one today feeling a bit retro
  4. Go for the Tag, I have this one and can’t keep it off my wrist. Such presence and loads of comments
  5. Agree this one is another of their less blingy models
  6. This one for me for the next five weeks following a dog walking fall!!! Apart from all the usual inconvenience (I’m left handed) not being able to wear a watch is a real downer !!
  7. Good morning all from sunny Jersey
  8. Try this site was thinking of buying from them myself
  9. Beautiful sunny morning back in the uk on holiday to see folks and friends.
  10. Another beautiful day on the coast and this one again
  11. Sunny Jersey and a bit of retro today
  12. Raining in Jersey something to cheer up the day so this one for now
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