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  1. Go for the 2k I’ve traded up to reduce my collection. Sometimes quality over quantity wins the day
  2. Away for the weekend in The West Country with these and this watch
  3. On the ferry today for a 2 week break in the U.K. so a chance to wear this one
  4. Check mine everyday and give the autos a few winds to keep ticking. I don’t go in for the accurate time keeping unless something doesn’t look quite right
  5. Not so sure, the Skyracer is going up in value, second hand prices at some dealers more than rrp
  6. Breitling Chronomat older 38mm versions seem to be pretty common with secondhand dealers. Traded one in recently as I couldn’t get on with the smaller chronograph - hard to read and too busy
  7. On my way back to Jersey from a uk visit today. So a Breitling for the flight seems appropriate
  8. I also thought the 43mm would be too big but surprisingly it’s very light on the wrist and doesn’t feel too big in the flesh quality of finish is fantastic
  9. 43mm I thought it look bigger than some of my other watches but with no bezel as such looks bigger in the photo than real time The blue dial looks great putty the photos don’t do it justice. Only 1000 made in blue so have been looking for a while Thanks for all your kind comments, this is definitely a keeper
  10. Breitling Transocean just arrived and am a happy Jersey bean! Really comfortable to wear plus quality is spot on
  11. Just pulled the trigger on this one, I know it’s not the most popular of Breitling range but got a great deal. I haven’t got any blue dial dress watches so this sort of fitted the bill. Any thoughts ? It’s not arrived yet but this is a pic of the actual watch
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