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  1. Sunny Jersey out for good old fry up
  2. Barbecue later with friends and this beauty!
  3. I had the racing and flipped ( to a forum mentioned) to buy the moon watch as it was a grail I had always wanted, they are both fantastic watches and would loved to have kept the racing but finances wouldn’t permit !
  4. Have to be this one my wife gave out to me for my last birthday which was a total surprise as we don’t usually go overboard for birthdays at our age
  5. Pm me if u decide to let go
  6. Great read, use my freelancer on holiday great quality ceramic bezel and comfortable rubber strap. I personally think the brand make some quality watches and are underrated if a little overpriced sometimes
  7. Just woke up to the best surprise from the wife bless her, I’m over the moon!!
  8. Still in the uk visiting friends and family after being locked down in Jersey for the last seven months, so using the opportunity to show my folks a couple of my new acquisitions
  9. I agree, this is not a monetary driven exercise but unfortunately I can’t obtain the watches I want without the money to buy them. My point was that to get to the point of getting my target pieces I have to buy, sell and trade as I don’t have 20k odd to spare. I have some cheaper watches that I love and wouldn’t want to part with but sometimes you have to make a decision to sell to get what u want.
  10. Although Ive always loved my watches, it’s only the last few years of being in a position to start building a small collection of watches I’ve considered my iconic grail watches. So my list includes: Rolex sub, Speedmaster moon watch, sea master (chrono my personal choice), Breitling Navitimer (43mm) and Tag Monaco (Blue ) so far I’ve achieved 2 of these by buying and selling a few second hand Tags, Breitling, and Omegas gradually upgrading by adding a few quid each time, which has taken me 3 years. I haven’t got unlimited spare cash so it’s been constantly looking for deals which have helped to build the pot up. It’s been difficult flipping some that I get attached to but sometimes you have to think about the bigger picture. After getting these 2 at pretty good deals at AD’s in Jersey, there’s some satisfaction that I have kept to a plan and know now how to eventually have the small collection I’m aiming for. I have 3 other keepers that for sentimental reasons will not be used to fund the future pieces. Is there anyone else that is building a collection to a plan? Or am I just being a bit too blinkered in my choices. Not sure which is next on my list from above, maybe the Navitimer, but suspect the hardest and probably last one will be the Submariner, for now it’s back on numerous sites looking for some reasonable cash builders. Has anyone else got a bucket list?
  11. Thanks and the picture really doesn’t do it justice.
  12. Good morning all from sunny Jersey, this one today
  13. Got to be this newly acquired one, giving it plenty of wrist time!
  14. Last one, but you can buy online other watches, it was in the reductions section which is updated regularly .... Hettich is the name just google it. The only problem is if it is posted to you in the uk you’ll be hit with VAT. In normal times loads come over to Jersey for high end watches to save the VAT but travel is not so easy at the moment.
  15. After flipping a couple recently, I’d seen this in a Jewellers in St Helier so picked up today. Discounted (old model) plus VAT free so nearly 40 percent off rrp just couldn’t resist. 41 mm wears just right on my smallish wrists. Very happy with today’s shopping trip!
  16. Aqua Terra loved the great color combination of off white and sapphire blue
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