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  1. Snap! Well nearly! Love my seawolf
  2. snap! Really good quality keeps to 1 second a day, tough as ole boots used on all my holidays for sea swimming etc. The watch snobs tend to slate RW but Personally think the quality is good . Maybe a bit overpriced as new but good value preowned or heavily discounted new
  3. Breitling like the history and the unique designs (mainly the traditional models)
  4. Older Breitling today only had this for a week but still loving it. The bracelet is so comfortable! Happy Sunday!
  5. New in so seeing how it wears today
  6. Forgot to add thanks to my wife for my 55th birthday present and for being so understanding ( or not ) about yet another watch!
  7. So with the current situation there have been many a discussion on whether it’s ethical to be buying luxury goods. The counter argument is that we should be supporting local businesses in this difficult time. I had the pleasure to meet a 23 year old young man that has just returned from a 1 year watch makers course sponsored by a high end jeweler in Jersey who have now offered him full time employment. He is also doing some freelance work in his own right and offering up a Breitling Chronomat circa 2002 refurbished by his own fair hand. Although the piece has no paperwork I was privy to a series of photos he had taken during a full service carried out as part of his course work. Although I love vintage watches I struggle with the smaller sizes so although not truly vintage I thought this one to be a compromise and priced very reasonably! I think the young man in question has a very bright future in the watch industry
  8. Sunny Jersey and working from home
  9. Got this one from them traded in for it. Great service. Also sold an omega for cash got a great price. Really great service
  10. Glad you got the right deal and congratulations on a cracking watch. I have done couple of deals with them and would do so again when I’m in the market for another watch.
  11. Tag is a great choice with plenty of variety. If he’s into his cars I picked this special edition up with a 25 percent discount bringing the price down to your budget. You could always buy the matching car for his 21st!!
  12. Lovely sunny day in Jersey and dress down day
  13. Hi Roy, the email gives that option, so when you press pay it Says “something went wrong” please log in. So you log in and I can’t find the link. Sorry it’s probably me being thick !
  14. I’ve had an email with an invoice to pay for my gallery subscription but when I click on the pay now, it asks me to sign in. There’s nothin in my in box messages so was wondering where I can find the invoice on my account? Could any one point me in the right direction please
  15. something different and a bit of color for our last day in the uk. Can’t wait to get back to Jersey to see my 2 babies
  16. Baton down the hatches a storm is coming to the Channel Islands later today with 30ft waves! Thought I’d put the Seawolf on today
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