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  1. Any watch I’ve bought late on a Saturday night after too many glasses of wine.....
  2. For future reference a credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the retailer as long as the item purchased was over£100. (Section 74 of the Consumer Credit. act 1974). As the watch was not fit for its purpose ( consumer rights act 2015) you could have filed a claim against your credit card company.
  3. A pair of really nice looking watches. I’m pretty shocked at the price though,
  4. Yep, I like that, very 70’s
  5. How about cash converters or pawn shops?
  6. I think they are misleading in their advertising. They claim to be 100% British made since 1949. 'The brand was originally founded by H Samuel in 1949, where it was an in-house watch brand for a number of years, before the trademark lapsed allowing Bushby to buy the name' The brand was resurrected in August 2015 by the ex founder of Fossil! See http://www.watchpro.com/bushby-unveils-new-minster-1949-watch-brand/
  7. Agree with Davey P, Why would you sell a £2100 watch on gumtree. If it doesn't feel right avoid it at all costs.
  8. Wow, love it, very unusual design and I like the unusual numbering. I think the only thing that looks odd is the date window, don't know why just looks odd. So Bry, when do you plan on building an 'homage' ?
  9. Hi buddy Your going to have to completely strip the movement down, check for any rust an hen have it re-oiled ( the detergent would have washed the original oil away). The most important thing you need to do at present is to totally dry the movement to prevent any (further) rust. Good luck mate.
  10. Can't believe this price! What a massive return if this was bought originally from Roy, I can't remember the original price (£75?) I think if we give it another five years these will be going for over a grand! Mind you not sure id want to sell either of mine, as they are so unique.
  11. The hands are not catching as when the crown is pushed in the watch works normally, you just can't adjust the minute hand!.
  12. Guys A Mate of hime has been having a problem with his old Tissot Seastar (781 movement). When he pulls the crown out to adjust the time only the hour hand moves. I thought it might be loose hands, but when I checked them they are pressed on quite tightly. I'm guessing that it may be something more serious. Can anyone give me any pointers please. (it may be a trip to uncle Roy) Thanks Bill
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