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  1. Seiko never made straps with Japan on them.
  2. The middle watch is 80s and yes the crown on the Vostok is supposed to be like that. Wow, stunning. You missed out on that one for sure.
  3. You can try a Record or Timor or Hamilton vintage dirty dozen military watch(with British crows foot mark), and I believe there are chronograph versions too!!!
  4. ......some more pics, sorry in advance as I may ov posted a watch or two before.
  5. Here we go then, Cccp,USSR or Russian/Soviet watch the Raketa(Rocket)....
  6. I thought I would add some to the collection, enjoy.
  7. Thank you, Timex are very underrated.
  8. Well that's a start, lots of different styles. If my memory serves me right they were nick named the 40 year watch as they kept going and going without a service. The movement in the newer watches get a bit bland on the finishing but still a super watch in its class.
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