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  1. Thanks wrench, I want make the right choice for my daily wear watch and want to spend between £300-£400 pounds. I like the unusual look of that particular model.
  2. Hi all, I really like the look of the Panzera Aquamarine 45 which I think is too large for my wrist, They are bringing out a 38 mm version which I'm thinking of buying. Does anybody have any experience with this brand ?
  3. Brilliant replies everyone but rather confusing as I want to sell but some say don't touch it and some say repair the problems. . I'm going to get it serviced by my local watch expert who has a really good reputation and is a member of a professional association (saw the certificate on the wall). How do I know if the quote I get from him is good or not though ? The watch is approx £1000-£1400 once repaired from other similar watches I've seen. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/rolex/oyster-speedking-precision-ref-6430--id7633499.htm The link above shows my watch...almost, as mine is Case 6057, M
  4. Thanks everyone for your advice. My father got the watch from his father, in the condition it's in now and he never wore it, so it has no sentimental value to me. Can anyone tell me where I could get a new crystal so that I can see the dial for myself ? The expert said that there was a problem with the Crown, also I think the balance spring and it also needed a clean. He got it working and the second hand runs smoothly.
  5. Thanks all. I don't have a box or papers and the crystal is dis-coloured so posting an image won't really show you the beauty of it. The insides are beautiful and watching the second hand move is hypnotising. The dial & case are in very good condition, and the hands are gold. I've done an online search and I can't find one 'exactly' like mine, only similar. When I sell it I would like to but a watch to replace it to have something to remind me of my father, who died last week. Any suggestions on a watch for approx £1000 that would also be an investment ?
  6. Hi everyone. I have been given a vintage 1952 Rolex which needs a little refurbishment but is working. I would like to sell it/auction it and I would like to know what the next step is. Where do I find out if it's better to sell 'as is' or refurbish it before I sell ? Where would I get it refurbished ? Also, where do I sell it & get it valued ? A local expert has been brilliant and has told me what's wrong with it and the approx value, and asked me to go away and research it a bit more. All I've found is the exact date it was produced. The watch is: Rolex Oyster Speedking 'Precision'
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