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  1. I have one for about 8 years, very happy with it. Last year I have also bought the NY009 "Fugu" Asia Limited Edition. Sorry, but I have never had the 007 to compare with.
  2. I am very tempted to this one, apparently called Kamasu.
  3. This is the one I have with the Sea Gull caliber ST-5 , bought on ebay from a seller in Croatia: I had another one when I was a child (I am Romanian) but it was running fast and unfortunately I tried to adjust it with a Swiss Army knife.
  4. I resisted and bought just a NOS Tissot for my wife.
  5. Ha ha, I got one too. Together with the SARB033. I think I like the Alpinist most of the two.
  6. Maybe to mod them in something more interesting?
  7. They have this one for £32 at the moment. Is Wenger such a cheap brand or this is on a real sale price?
  8. Apparently, everything but the laser works. But it could be an invisible laser so I may be wrong.
  9. I just got this watch from an UK seller on ebay, but I am not sure about the movement, it's looking OK to you, guys? What about the "Laser Beam", what actually means? Wouldn't this need a battery? Sorry for the bad pictures.
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