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  1. Hi, am struggling to choose the ap roo titanium or the Rolex Daytona white gold with red bits, maybe here can help me decides which one looks better and will last longer, keep in mine I already have the Daytona ss panda, and the new Daytona white gold with oysterflex, I was going to buy the ap but I just saw that Daytona preowned and I can get it out of my head it looks fabolous but the ap do as well
  2. Hi I want to buy a new watch and I can't decide between the new seadweller or one of the customised deepsea from titan black
  3. Hi, i am about to about a New watch, and I am down to 2 watches new Daytona ceramic or deepsea blue dial, I love the looks of the new Daytona but maybe the deepsea would look better on me as my wrist is 7.5 and am 185cm tall.
  4. I like the daytona howevermy Wrist is 7.5 so it looks a bit small, other than that I would definitly will go for it that's why and thinking maybe a bit larger watch.
  5. Hi I need some help deciding between new Rolex Daytona ceramic white face, new Santos 100 carbon and Jacob and co epic x, I love all of them but I can't make my mind, I already have previous Daytona black face, hublot black magic, Cartier calibre. Which one would you choose.
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