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  1. Here you go... https://monochrome-watches.com/2021-omega-de-ville-tresor-power-reserve-hands-on-price/
  2. You too can become(?) a style icon, Sir.
  3. Just make sure you avoid my ‘chippy’
  4. 1964 CITIZEN 'AutoDater' 7 Cal: 4101 Jet Ring Rotor, 25 jewel, 40mm (woc).
  5. Dead-beat seconds ‘is’ a complication, an historic one at that! Originally invented by Richard Townley (1675) for regulator clocks, making it easier to set other clocks. However, since the advent of quartz timepieces & the stuttering second hand, the jumping second hand on an mechanical timepiece wouldn’t appeal to me (also). Plenty of pre-owned, vintage pieces, would be my choice first.
  6. Agreed. Particularly if it’s horological!
  7. 1960's VENUS. Cal: Eta 2452-1, 25 jewel, SS case.
  8. Getting ready for another Christmas nose-bag, 2nd of 3 planned for this week... OMEGA De VillE Prestige. Cal: 2500 Co-Axial chronometer, 29 jewel.
  9. Fair start, must try harder. Moi? Not enough!
  10. Congratulations! Lovely choice of wristwatch as well, Sir.
  11. No you’re not! You asked the same questions yesterday, & received answers/opinions on. What didn’t you understand!?
  12. 1970's HELVETIA. Cal: H861 (Eta 2522R), 25 jewel
  13. Consider this... There is a very strong possibility if you sent this timepiece away for ‘legitimate’ authenticity, you may not receive it back? It may(?) also be destroyed?
  14. Cannot believe this would have been allowed to leave Audermars product facility!!
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