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  1. Have always retired to bed & risen early, lifetime habit (an hour before nine seven is worth 2 after). Dial, wrist pictures are taken fresh (mostly), movement, case back, are usually from my stock images. Professional? I’m most certainly not, still work in progress, but thank you for the kind comment.
  2. 1952 TISSOT 'Bumper' automatic. Cal: 28.5-21, 17 jewel, SS case.
  3. Yet another awaiting care & attention! This was gifted by a kind friend knowing I had a passion for such & would probably salvage? it, as she had no use for it. In transpires her father acquired it before WWII from a relative who took it with him, conscripted, to France during WW1, happily both survived unharmed (physically). My kind friend inherited the watch when her father passed, only to be then placed in a drawer. Now with me an 1903 Elgin Sidewinder Railroad PW, 7 jewel, going barrel lever escapement with Breguet overcoil hairspring, housed in an Silveroid (Nickel Silver) case. First appearance, as many of mine arrive, not pretty. Movement not too bad, & functioning well, probably due to the tight screw back (& bezel) protecting it. Crystal was stubborn, so left to soak, with bezel, in acetone for 20 minutes. After a lot of cleaning & NOS crystal. Lever set... Thanks to the good folk at Elgin have been able to find out quite a bit about this particular timepiece. It's a Grade 207, model 4, class 61, with Hunting movement. This particular timepiece being number 37 of a run of 53. Can now make out (just) the embossed locomotive on case back... The to do list isn't getting any shorter though Thanks for looking
  4. You may be surprised to hear that is a good spot (at last)! If only it had the original box, saddle, & papers...a collectors dream. I kid you not.
  5. Not rhyming slang, can you phone a friend?
  6. Good practice, the temperature in shop display windows can reach in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, regularly in summer months. All my old tat is kept safely away from any direct sunlight!
  7. Oh dear, you have had a sheltered life. Another clue: Shepherds used to use their teeth, some may still do?
  8. Very nice, top grade with screwed chatons & Reeds regulator.
  9. I'd happily do it for free, guaranteed result... You might want a stiff drink first though.
  10. May I recommend a couple of Blue Bricks.
  11. Mentor Your specialist subject (besides insemination) being?
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