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  1. Morning... C65 TRIDENT Diver. Cal: Sellita SW210-1, 19 jewel.
  2. Morning... 1958 DOXA. Cal: 98, 17 jewel.
  3. Had I not already have a C60 GMT would definitely have bagged the C65 GMT, blue or black, at that price!...excellent choice, IMO. Having had a couple of similar disappointments with CW in the past, but on each occasion they have more than made up for any initial, failings, errors...kudos to them! I’m confident you will not be disappointed when yours arrives shortly.
  4. in the CW stable. C65 TRIDENT Diver (hand wound). Cal: Sellita SW210-1, 19 jewel.. Brushed & polished SS case, Width 41mm, Depth 11.55mm, Lug - Lug 47mm. Domed sapphire crystal... 22mm bracelet with micro-adjustable ratchet clasp... Quick release bracelet system ... Yet to adjust bracelet for a better fit, but a quick wrist shot... So far very pleased with this new addition, usual CW high standard of fit & finish! It would have been churlish to ignore the opportunity of 50% off.
  5. Looked at getting a bracelet for my Alpinist from here... https://www.uncleseiko.com/
  6. Protectionism! Something Swatch are exceptionally good at, in protecting their high cost of R&D, & ultimately their Industry. I expect some exciting things to come from Sellita, now that they have Johannes Jahnke as creative director. Let the lazy brands design & supply their own movements?
  7. Like Sultan. I also think CORUM make some unusual & striking timepieces. I'm particularly drawn to their Golden Bridge timepieces, which I have had the opportunity of handling on occasions. Regret having declined the offer of a very reasonably priced one some years ago. The movement was designed & developed by, yet again self taught watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese. He also assisted Blancpain when they produced the first wristwatch with a Carrousel escapement.
  8. Hi John They are indeed genuine Rolex movements. Rebberg movements were produced by the AEGLER family, principally for Rolex but supplied other quality brands. The two companies have been closely linked since the early 1900’s, in fact owning shares in each other’s companies until the early 2000’s (I think), when Rolex took full control of the movement making facility in Bienne. Rolex, I believe, insisted their brand name should only be visible ?
  9. Morning... C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified ETA 2836-2).
  10. I agree, think this will be the norm for some considerable time. Popped into our High St bank this morning (after joining the playground queue) asking if I could talk to someone about moving some of ‘our money’. Only to be met with the response “we are not doing face to face discussions due to Covid19, you can do it online, & we haven’t got screens in place”. I replied “ don’t insult me, what are we doing right now. You’ve had since early March to ensure safety measures are in place, like hair salons, tattooists, & every other damn retail outlet”!!! Detest banks with a passion. Spend you money at the independents were you will be accommodated, in the main, warmly. Rant over.
  11. Karrusel


    Love sailing, have done ever since I was a child. Due to the unpredictability of suitable weather, & business commitments, have often fell foul to less than ideal sailing conditions. Twice, during the 1980’s & 2007 (I think), we were harbour bound in Lymington due to gales. When possible, crewing on a family members 40 foot motor/sailor, we liked to follow, spectate, the Fastnet race.
  12. Morning... OMEGA De VillE prestige. Cal: Co-axial 2500, 29 jewel.
  13. Karrusel


    Grey... & becalmed...
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