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  1. Another dusted off... 1950's DOXA. Cal: 117 (eta 2408), 17 jewel.
  2. Not here, but Stirling praise (obviously) from those that do.
  3. Morning... 1960's AVIA. Cal: Peseux 320, 15 jewel.
  4. EB was often used to denote ebauche, which is the term for a base watch movement. ‘EB Suisse’ was also used to state the movements origin of manufacture, but not necessarily the watch case or where it was assembled.
  5. From back of the cabinet again... 1950's RADO. Cal: AS 1187/94, 17 jewel, SS case.
  6. Morning... ALPINIST. Cal: 6R15, 23 jewel.
  7. Another oldie... 1931 silver cased HARWOOD AUTORIST. The AUTORIST was an automatic mechanism invented by Englishman John Harwood, who had an agreement with Walter Vogt (Fortis) to produce this intriguing timepiece. The mechanism is powered by movements of the strap which are connected to one of the hinged lugs, which in turn are connected to the mechanism.
  8. Breakfast of porridge, toasted bird seed flax seed & berries... Sound like Roger Whittaker now!
  9. You du post some interesting pieces, this is a nu one to me.
  10. Morning... 1950's VERTEX. Cal: Revue 77, 15 jewel.
  11. 2 foot away on a plate (round) would be better, IMO.
  12. Still good for bingo at the Embassy on Friday, David ?
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