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  1. Likewise! Until someone, @LFB, posted some stunning 'real life' pictures of his acquisition. I was smitten... Although known for my conservative tastes (generally), this is certainly one of my 'favourite' pieces!
  2. Morning... 1871 Silver cased NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA...?
  3. MILUS Snow Star. Cal: Eta 2892-A2 (Top), 21 jewel, 904L SS case.
  4. What a wonderful story, & excellent work restoring it, Sir! Have always had a fascination for turret clocks, in particular how the funding for many of these timepieces was raised within communities. The degree of accuracy that can be achieved with these clocks, some almost 700 years old, is really quite remarkable. Thanks for posting.
  5. Morning... OMEGA De VillE Prestige. Cal: 2500 Co-Axial, 29 jewel.
  6. Waiting for a particular SH21 piece to appear at an attractive price Already have spare box(s) at hand. Thanks Squeeze the raised bars on each side of spring bar & lift out... Also fitted with speedy micro adjustment within the clasp. Very well engineered bracelet, IMHO!
  7. Very nice Rob, one of the Limited Editions ? Anchors aweigh
  8. Hope not! Didn’t you get to keep your pumps ?
  9. Can’t really speak for all limited editions (?), Honour. I know that ‘some’ companies number their first production piece as ‘000’ for press release & photographic purposes. I’ll happily accept it as a presentation piece, or archive it for them.
  10. Took the C65 AM GT for a spin today...
  11. Blancpain & Roger Smith spring to mind. Be prepared to wait though!
  12. Well the CW one is... After twice previously attempting, & failing, to pick up one of these limited edition pieces (350 in total) I contacted Mike France asking could he help ? He very kindly, & generously, sourced number '000' for me, which arrived earlier today... CW65 AM GT LE. Cal: COSC certified 251.264, 27 jewel, Thermocompensated Meca-quartz. +/- 10 secs per year. W: 41mm woc, H: 12mm, L-L 47mm, WR: 150 meters. Unfortunately the deep red accents on the dial & strap appear more orange in my pic's They also supplied
  13. Have you had a look at ‘Stevostraps’ ? Myself & family members have used him several times for replacement straps, some with rather unique fitting arrangements. Often we’ve had to send the watch head, but his work & results have been excellent! Bearing in mind that these have been bespoke made, his prices are very reasonable, IMHO.
  14. After greasing & fitting the replacement seal, the trusty sticky ball was my chosen tool this time.
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