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  1. Have not received anything of an horological connection (yet), but have been informed by the heir hunters, at our weekly tribal gathering, my wallet will not be required Thoughts & fond memories of fathers no longer with us... Gift from my mine, & mother, back in 1972. Anyone else like to pay tribute ?
  2. 1964 CITIZEN AutoDater 7. Cal: Jet Ring Rotor 4101, 25 jewel.
  3. Morning all... C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03.
  4. What!! Have you been socialising with @Cyclops930 ? With the Sultan taken to drinking Monks fortification I think some counselling is in order. Wonder if Mach can point some of you in the right direction?
  5. Is he related to a Chef called Gordon ?
  6. Nice seeing a new member with a discerning taste in ‘vintage mechanical’ timepieces. With a nice history, thank you.
  7. So sad. Not good enough Assuming you have two feet...how many pairs of socks do you have ? Can admin please move this distressing topic to one of the more ‘remote’ sections of the forum, please!
  8. Neuchatel ? Do try & book the private demonstration of the Pierre Jaquet-Droz automata (The Writer) at the Musée d’Art d’Histoire. Also, the short train trip to Le Locle, then bus up to Chateau de Monts...stunning timepieces. Enjoy Can also recommend the lake trips & the Chaumont Funicular.
  9. Morning all... HAMILTON KHAKI Auto Chronograph. Cal: Valjoux 7750, 25 jewel.
  10. Antiques Roadshow ‘expert’ ”Bahne Bonniksen, John Harwood...never heard of them” Moi “You need to get out more...Gis a job” True
  11. Plastic tweezers for fitting batteries.
  12. Relax Sir! It's a beautiful timepiece, just how the collector/devotee would prefer it. It can only be original once so enjoy it as is. Enough said!
  13. What a beauty! Applaud your choice, Sir. Am I envious ? Just a lot!!
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