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  1. Indeed there were many iterations of the Fifty Fathoms, prototypes & French Navy variants, with first models showing ‘50 Fathoms’ on dial, being the most coveted. The limited production allocation to TORNEK, USA, also found with varying fonts on the dial, are also highly sought after. Interestingly, these TORNEK allocation were initially stripped of their ‘Swiss’ jewels, insistence of Federal import regulations, & replaced with ‘Mississipp’ rubies. TORNEK found the home sourced jewels less efficient & replaced them (quietly) with the original (Swiss) jewels.
  2. Hi. Interesting piece, first Aqua Lung I’ve seen with the AS 13** series movement, have only seen ones with the AS17**series. Do you plan on having it fettled, accredited & recorded at Blancpain?
  3. Morning... Early 80's BUCHERER Auto Chronometer. Cal: 6050 (ETA 2872), 21 jewel. Old pic's.
  4. Morning... C60 Trident Pro 600 GMT. Cal: ETA 2893-2, 21 jewel.
  5. Lovely watch, Sir. Enjoy in good health!
  6. Morning... 1938-40 RECORD 'THE ELIN' Cal: 106, 15 jewel, screw coin edge bezel, enamel dial. Rowe & Co LTD was the premier department store in Rangoon...
  7. Send me your bank details, passwords, I’ll pick them up for you & check ‘em out. No need to thank me.
  8. Hi Andy Couple of pic's of mine... Hope these help ?
  9. My initial thought is that it appeared to be an REVUE GT (Gedeon Thommen) movement, 1910-15 ? One of my examples from early 1920's...
  10. Morning... 1940's MOVADO ERMETO Pocket/Travel Watch. Silver with laquered slides. Old pic's
  11. My son, who is a far more accomplished turner, cabinet maker than me, decided to make his own, rather than spend silly money on the likes of Robert Sorby’s specialist tools. After acquiring some good quality vintage (scrap) chisels, screwdrivers, he found a local steel stockholders who supplied ‘tool’ steel. After making a donation to the tea kitty they now let him have a dip in the scrap bin. The tool steel (tips) is shaped on a grinder, drilled, tapped, tempered, attached to the tapped blank. Rather than using a flat (chisel) blank, use some round bar (steel stockholder again ) whi
  12. @andyclient Looking good! Most fruit woods, boxwood (privet), holly, are beautiful woods to turn, but ensure the wood is dry as they are prone to cracking if too green. Laburnum is a particular favourite of mine, can also be turned (or quarter sawn) into fine sections for decorative oyster inlays. Sycamore is widely used for kitchen, food applications, due to the antibacterial properties within the wood. Have a go at making your own beading/gouge tools ?
  13. Morning... 1952 TISSOT 'Bumper' Cal: 28.5-21, 17 jewel, SS case.
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