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  1. An image I omitted from the opening post... A pair of monogrammed 20 bore pistols. Carried by John Roger Arnold when delivering valuable marine chronometers to the navy.
  2. Indeed it is...even better! Great timepiece to have in a collection, IMO.
  3. What a lovely piece, thanks for posting. Not many of these about, is it fitted with an English 3/4 plate lever movement or one of their imported Swiss movements ? I ask as after about 1935 (?) they stopped making 'wristwatches' but continued manufacturing clocks & other mechanical devices. However, they did continue making individual timepieces for private commissions. Around this time they also became main British agents for Buren & Ulysee Nardin. This 1935 9K wristwatch with a Buren movement was a private commission for an employee, who was getting married, & requested her future husband's name be put on the dial...
  4. My apologies Bernie, you are correct in part. The 1891 census shows him as a watchmaker residing at Radford St, Coventry. He set up his workshop at 16 Norfolk St, Coventry in 1892. Sorry for any confusion.
  5. Is the Pope catholic? You bet it was, Martin, just a shame we didn’t have more time seeing the rest of the Museum. Along with visiting the National History Museum (again) next door. Good excuse for another visit.
  6. Indeed they are Bernie! Have been fortunate to observe & handle this timepiece during & after full assembly, truly magnificent. It still amuses me that commentators, reviewers, still refer to Bahne Bonniksen (as they do with other prominent watchmakers from Coventry, Lancashire & Liverpool) inventor of the ‘Karrusel’ being from London, when in fact he plied his trade from Coventry!! After spending his time (after arriving from Copenhagen) as a student at the BHI in London he moved to Coventry in 1887. He set up his own workshops at 16 Radford St, Coventry, in 1891. Interestingly the 1891 census states his nationality as German from Schleswig. His first patent for the ’Karrusel was registered in Switzerland in 1894. Thanks for posting , Bernie.
  7. Moi (the youthful fellow on the right ), the other gentleman is a colleague (minder). Thank you, honour. We have a rich & notable clock & watch making history dating back 300+ years, plenty of scope for research & discussion!
  8. During a recent trip to London one of our pre arranged meetings included a tour of the The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers exhibits, now housed on the second floor of the Science Museum. As usual, to say we were like pigs in sh!t would be an understatement. A few images of the stunning collection & apologies (again) for the image quality. John Harrison's personal pocket watch ^^^^ , made by his assistant John Jefferys to include his own temperature compensated (the first) verge escapement. This was also the prototype to his prize winning 4th Marine Chronometer... John Harrison H5 Marine Timekeeper, this was personally tested by King George III, & completed when Harrison was 77... A Harrison longcase clock... John Roger Arnold was well represented within the exhibits... Coventry made timepieces were also prominent. Samuel Watson astronomical table clock made for Sir Isaac Newton... A similar one is in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. Thomas Mercer. Bahne Bonniksen 'Karrusel' escapement fitted to a Brockbank, Atkins & Moore pocket watch. One of the earliest Karrusel watches made or to have survived. Thomas Tompian. John Harwood. Derek Pratt. A truly magnificent display of English watchmaking at it's finest, IMHO!! If anyone is in London do make the effort to visit, you will not be disappointed...I promise. Thanks for looking.
  9. Morning all... C9. Cal: SH21, 31 jewel.
  10. ZIRCONIUM-OXIDE. Ceramic case. Ceramic bezel. ZENITH.
  11. YACHT TIMER... https://wornandwound.com/yachting-timers-watches/ Must not forget, of this parish... @yokel
  12. Have picked up many 40’s-60s mechanical timepieces for very little money over the years, some back in the 70’s-80’s for very little money( what I was prepared to pay at the time), purely as I was attracted to them. In the main timepieces from this era were ‘very well’ manufactured, IMHO, & prices for similar now have rocketed! Similarly, early quartz, turn of the century pocket watches, are now increasing in value year on year due to demand & finite availability. My advice to anyone is ‘not bother with the old tat’ & too invest in shiny new watches with a warranty!! You’re welcome.
  13. Expecting a 'lot' of entries today XAVIER MAGALDI. https://www.revolution.watch/art-through-the-eyes-of-a-watchmaker/
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