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  1. Plenty of timepieces now with the latest hairspring technology utilising silicon, which has greatly improved the accuracy & robustness. Just look at the likes of Zenith, Hublot, with their silicon escapement developments, hopefully this will filter down into more affordable models when production costs are addressed, utilised more ? Regarding power reserve, this has greatly been increased, 3,4, 5, 8 day power reserves are becoming more commonplace. Major watch manufacturers spend £millions each year in R&D! You’re not going to get a Bentley for the cost of a Vauxhal
  2. Yes it has if you care to study horological advancements Have many timepieces made within this time frame that perform to an acceptable standard, for me. Many of my earlier ones were individually hand crafted, their performance is a testimony to the skill of the watchmaker. Furthermore, many were purchased for very little money in my case. I believe in years to come nano technology will feature prominently in the development of mechanical watch/clock movements, thus extending greatly routine service intervals, 25 years plus ?
  3. The automata elements are reminiscent of Jaques-Droz. Admire the skill & execution but this particular model not for me, but can accept others will be enthralled with it.
  4. Sadly, the dial is not original, it has been refinished.
  5. Too big, too small ? For me, I buy/wear what I like, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Pretty simple really.
  6. This gentleman wouldn't subscribe to any subset... He just developed his own.
  7. All the more reason to have proper authentication, documentation, to support any loss/theft for insurance (you really would be a mug not to have this) claims. I agree, it is a shame, but regrettably these are the times we find ourselves in.
  8. Personally I don’t have a problem with this. Having seen some of the very convincing f**** emanating from the East, including ‘vintage’ pieces in particular, this is a price worth paying IMHO! Caveat emptor.
  9. Giovanni Dondi's 'Astrarium' In reality this is probably the closest I will get... & a tad large for the wrist!
  10. Not at all , just doing the right thing! Similar thing happened to me, purchased a1920’s timepiece from a dealer some years ago which was described as ‘Solid Silver’ (marks were very faint). Agreed a price with which we were both happy with. Several months later, having left it out in my office, I noticed it hadn’t tarnished like silver objects usually do. When observing the punch marks under higher magnification the true metal identity was revealed....Swiss 18k white gold! The next time I bumped into the dealer I felt compelled to inform him of this discovery, & o
  11. My condolences to Ruthie, family, & yourself Dave. When you’re ready I can help you with the operation of the PW.
  12. Thinking further on this.... Blancpain produced the caliber 64-1 (chronometer rated), which also uses the base Peseux/ETA 7001 ebauche, which, when rarely on the market, can be had for £3-5k. Again, am I missing something?
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