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  1. Plenty of well healed aficionados around that would pay significantly more (add an extra 0) than this, for a simple, unique, beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing, timepiece...trust me! When you have been infected & drawn deeper into this addiction as long as me, I’m confident you will understand why?
  2. I’m with George Daniels edict... ”The most important thing in building a watch is the aesthetics, foremost being able to read the time” Therefore, if pushed, it would be the Ferdinand Berthoud. Which muppet made these selections, do they get paid? ”Gis A Job”
  3. Morning... MILUS SNOW STAR. Cal: 2892-A2 (Top), 21 jewel. 39mm case in 904L SS. Very happy & delighted to have acquired this piece, superb, IMHO!
  4. Mack @mach 0.0013137 would probably have the answer ? No need to thank me!
  5. Agreed! Now if we are talking about the BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms or Barakuda (dress variant) this would obviously be the winner(s) IMO.
  6. Morning... MARC & SONS MARINE. Cal: Miyota 9015, 24 jewel. Ceramic dial...
  7. Still alien to me as I don’t sell timepieces, only buy, buy, buy & more buys (hopefully).
  8. What is this ‘selling’ of watches you talk about...pray tell ?
  9. Disappointingly, none of them. Previously they have all produced more aesthetically pleasing designs. If pushed to pick one it would be the De Bethune Tourbillon. They can all do better...much better, IMHO!
  10. Morning... 1948 OMEGA. Cal: 30T2 PC, 15 jewel. Recased.
  11. Don’t they like cake, monsieur ?
  12. Morning... 1964 ETERNA-MATIC. Cal: 1466U, 21 jewel.
  13. Welcome to the 'premier' league, Sir. Approve of the reading material. Highly recommend 'DEWEY' by VICKI MYRON.
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