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  1. Joseph Samuel Wilday, 2 St Thomas Villas, The Butts, Coventry. Worked 12 years for Rotherham & Sons, Coventry. The Chester ‘F’ hallmark, I would suggest, relates to 1889/90. HTH.
  2. Pretty sure Mike still has a penchant for Eue de ‘Dirty Harry’ oil.
  3. Just need a full set now (with literature, box(s) & papers)...
  4. Really, or let out early for good behaviour? The care home has more residents now.
  5. Ah, Monsieur Clouseau to the rescue. Have now located further confirmation... L. L. (in Form) http://www.mikrolisk.de/content/horologium.herstellermarken/bildmarke_louislang2.jpg Louis Lang SA Gehäuse; Porrentruy, Schweiz L. L. (in Form) http://www.mikrolisk.de/content/horologium.herstellermarken/bildmarke_louislang2.jpg Louis Lang SA Gehäuse; Porrentruy, Schweiz Thank you, Sir!
  6. This was included in my recent surprise gift (SEIKO 'UFO'), a brand I'd never come across before. Early 50's Swiss made Fregatt. Research (Mikrolisk) has shown the wordmark was registered by Natalis Watch SA/Joseph Muller & Cie, along with Aureole SA, both of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Cal: FHF 28 (family), 17 jewel. Attempts so far to identify the case maker have been unsuccessful... Nevertheless, a bonny, fully functioning, much appreciated gift! Ribbit
  7. Alpinist SARB017. Cal: 6R15, 23 jewel. Old pic (carp light)
  8. Do they also provide CPR?
  9. Don't normally do requests, but as you asked nicely... Apologies for the image (indoor lighting)
  10. Some of mine... Rotherham & Son wire (silver) trench lugs. One of the lugs forms part of the winding mechanism in this AUTORIST... DOXA... JB... Spillman cases are different & attractive, IMHO...
  11. 1972 9K AVIA OLYMPIC & bracelet. Cal: Peseux 320, 17 jewel. The timepiece (which was a gift to mark a significant birthday from my parents) that started my obsession fascination with all things horological... Tempus Fugit
  12. As disappointing as it may appear...’The rules are the rules’ You can always send a letter of disapproval to, Sir Graham Brady? Or, defect?
  13. Thank you. Fully functioning, with quickset day/date function!
  14. Surprised to find a package had landed at Karrusel Towers yesterday! April 1972 SEIKO 6138-0011 (variant 0029)... Some further info... https://www.thewatchsite.com/threads/seiko-6138-ufo-chronograph-the-quintessential-dad-watch.303418/ This, along with another interesting timepiece, had been sent by a good (thoughtful) friend* as a distraction for me, from my current hectic workload. It certainly has *Ribbit
  15. POLJOT Romanoff (LE) chronograph. Cal: 3133, 23 jewel.
  16. De Ville prestige. Cal: 2500 Co-Axial, 29 jewel.
  17. C9. Cal: JJ04, modified ETA 2836-2, 25 jewel.
  18. Had an haemorrhoid (now removed) older than you pups. Bit of of a theme appears to be brewing
  19. 1827 VALE & ROTHERHAM (Coventry) Silver Pair Cased Verge Fusee PW. All original with bulls eye crystal & Beetle & Poker hands... Beetle & Poker pierced decoration replicated on the balance cock... Some interesting World Events on or around the time the above was made... Napoleon dies on Saint Helena (1821). Missouri becomes the 24th state of America (1821). Charles Macintosh patented his invention for waterproof (rubberized) cloth (1823). Aluminum is isolated by Hans Orsted (1825). The First photographs, Joseph-Nicephore Niepce was successful in creating an image with silver chloride (1826). Duke of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) became Prime Minister (1828). First Oxford University Boat Race (1829). William Austin Bird patented a machine called the 'Typowriter' (1829). Louis Braille published the first Braille book (1829).
  20. 1964 Citizen AutoDater 7. Cal: 4101 'Jet Ring Rotor' 25 jewel, 40mm woc. There is an excellent blog by our own @sweephand (Stephen) on all things Citizen... https://sweep-hand.org/
  21. Late 50's Clipper alarm watch. Cal: Venus 230, 17 jewel.
  22. Tragic news, always conducted himself with dignity & respect. Will be sadly missed! Sincere condolences to his family.
  23. 1911 Silver cased Stauffer Son & Co open faced PW. Paired with an 1865 sterling silver George Unite card case...
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