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  1. Okay, best you inform HRH William of his continuing , in your opinion, social faux pas.
  2. Yes, my shooting ability has been mocked many a time, even when holding a gun... Obviously they felt safe should I take umbrage.
  3. Probably, given to them by the ‘guns’ as they know, as a garment, they are completely useless for the task in hand.
  4. You really must try & get out more. Tweed teamed with ‘rubber’ La Chameau boots or wellington type (Hunters for the loader & beaters) can & will be deemed de rigueur at such events. As I said, OMEGA with rubber band would be perfectly acceptable.
  5. I disagree, have you ever been on a shoot, including a grouse moor ? Very civilised, suitably attired with matching jacket & plus four breeks, breakfast at venue to include Buck’s Fizz or pink champagne. After drawing of peg’s one is driven to peg (rotating 3 stands on each drive) via Range Rover (naturally), accompanied by your loader (following in old Land Rover) who also carries your weaponary, ammunition, shooting stick, phone, & constantly refills ones hip flask. After a more than adequate lunch break (provided by host) repeat as morning drives, one barely dirties t
  6. Thank you, appreciate your comment. Bit of a back story acquiring this particular piece due to the travel restrictions/lockdown imposed on us earlier in the year. Was drawn to this particular model at the start of the year & was planning to view/handle one during planned trips to Switzerland during this year, now as we all know, this was unlikely to happen. However, after a regular discussion with a friend & colleague, widely respected in watchmaking circles over there, he mentioned he had handled one (tick) & knew an acquaintance in La Chaux-de-Fonds who was a retai
  7. Plenty of well healed aficionados around that would pay significantly more (add an extra 0) than this, for a simple, unique, beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing, timepiece...trust me! When you have been infected & drawn deeper into this addiction as long as me, I’m confident you will understand why?
  8. I’m with George Daniels edict... ”The most important thing in building a watch is the aesthetics, foremost being able to read the time” Therefore, if pushed, it would be the Ferdinand Berthoud. Which muppet made these selections, do they get paid? ”Gis A Job”
  9. Morning... MILUS SNOW STAR. Cal: 2892-A2 (Top), 21 jewel. 39mm case in 904L SS. Very happy & delighted to have acquired this piece, superb, IMHO!
  10. Mack @mach 0.0013137 would probably have the answer ? No need to thank me!
  11. Agreed! Now if we are talking about the BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms or Barakuda (dress variant) this would obviously be the winner(s) IMO.
  12. Morning... MARC & SONS MARINE. Cal: Miyota 9015, 24 jewel. Ceramic dial...
  13. Still alien to me as I don’t sell timepieces, only buy, buy, buy & more buys (hopefully).
  14. What is this ‘selling’ of watches you talk about...pray tell ?
  15. Disappointingly, none of them. Previously they have all produced more aesthetically pleasing designs. If pushed to pick one it would be the De Bethune Tourbillon. They can all do better...much better, IMHO!
  16. Morning... 1948 OMEGA. Cal: 30T2 PC, 15 jewel. Recased.
  17. Don’t they like cake, monsieur ?
  18. Morning... 1964 ETERNA-MATIC. Cal: 1466U, 21 jewel.
  19. Welcome to the 'premier' league, Sir. Approve of the reading material. Highly recommend 'DEWEY' by VICKI MYRON.
  20. S, T, W & W* every morning without fail! *Spectacles , testicles, watch & wallet.
  21. Morning... C60 TRIDENT Pro 600 GMT. Cal: ETA2893-2, 21 jewel.
  22. C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified ETA2836-2).
  23. Morning... 1969 ACCUTRON 704-1. Cal: 2180F.
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