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  1. Depending on type of crystal, it can be fitted by tension ring, friction fit, cementing. All the above are relatively easy, in my experience. If you are unsure, perhaps a word, demonstration, from your watchmaker, would be advisable.
  2. You may find the design of the 1930’s ‘Omega Marine’ can offer some help/inspiration?
  3. Hmm Sounds very goldylopper. Is he related to Stanley Unwin?
  4. POLJOT TRAVELLER chronograph. Cal: 3133, 23 jewel.
  5. I believe (& others) that the Coventry Watch Co was a small group of retailers/jewellers that got together in sourcing watches, movements, from overseas. However, from vast records at my disposal, am unable to find definitive proof an organisation/company was officially registered (which happens sometimes). In 1876 a group of traditional Coventry watchmakers came together & formed the Coventry Cooperative Watch Manufacturing Society (CCWMS). This group strongly objected to the new ‘modern’ machine method of making timepieces. They carried on the traditional way of hand crafting watches until about 1918?, when the company was dissolved.
  6. Superb! I applaud your decision to restore.
  7. Must confess for also having a fetish for square(ish) cases. A selection of square... Cushion... Tonneau... Curvex... Rectangular...
  8. Agreed! It can be a thin line between conservation & restoration, thankfully, I didn’t have any doubts about choosing the former (this time).
  9. Honour, as it winds, sets, & runs nicely, have only given the case, crystal, dial, a superficial clean. This time, in respect to the person who gifted it, along with her father (who originally owned it) forces record, is as much as I will do. It deserves to carry it’s, time endured, embellishments with some dignity, IMHO.
  10. Recently came across this curio... Circa 1940's Paul Ditisheim. Cal: ETA 811, 15 jewel (made exclusively for Solvil). Informed that it, & the wearer, survived the rigours of WW2... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ditisheim
  11. Much like a Submariner & the Steinhart Ocean One. They both do the job very well! *Plus, you can actually buy the Steinhart.
  12. Oi! Cheeky bu$$er, @yokel & I resemble that remark.
  13. Great choice! Wear in good health, Sir.
  14. Bit excessive, but thank you. Would much prefer enthusiast, or even student.
  15. Edit to above... Centre seconds or sub seconds, obviously!
  16. Admire your interest, & project? There are many factors to consider, as I'm sure you are aware. Manual or auto, centre seconds, sweep seconds, existing available movement or making your own? Case, bezel, case back, all involve precision tooling & skills, requiring accurate calculations & drawings (several) before you even start manufacture. Including, at what stages you leave excess material for further fitting, finessing. Have been fortunate to witness these processes, from design to completion, & happily admit they are well beyond beyond my skill set! Would strongly recommend you acquire a copy of this, highly technical but the detail, principals, are invaluable IMHO...
  17. Mid 50's MULCO automatic. Cal: AS1361, 17 jewel. C. R. Spillman gold capped case...
  18. Certainly looks like one. As opposed to the Kif flector (4 leaf clover retainer clip).
  19. They do, but very scarce... My 1927 Silver cased Rotherham & sons.
  20. Roy forgot the prefix = De or Tor, possibly? Well done, Sir!
  21. A presumptuous statement, IMO! For you, what constitutes a ‘decent’ watch?
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