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  1. Morning... 1958 DOXA. Cal: 98, 17 jewel.
  2. I can do shots... Students favourite...
  3. Morning... C1000 TYPHOON FGR4 (RAF Edition) Chronograph. Cal: Valjoux 7750, Ceramic cased. "Chocks Away"...
  4. First of all, apologies for being the bearer of bad news, none of what you have has any significant value. The Astral appears, too me, gold plated. The silver PW, bearing the Leopards head hallmark, only used to denote silver items assayed ‘in London’, is worth the scrap silver value...a few pounds! Similarly with the remainder, being in poor condition & unfashionable vintage ladies watches, holds very little value.
  5. Hi John Happen to love PW's, have a one or two myself , Keeping within your budget, these are a couple of mine... This was my daily wear for many years... This is now retired in a case, but kept company by a NOS model purchased from our host, Roy... Picked this one up, souvenir from a visit to Prague... A reminder of the stunning 15th century 'ORLOJ' Astronomical Clock...
  6. Morning... OCEAN ONE 39. Cal: ETA 2824-2 elabore, 25 jewel. carp light {again) so old pic's...
  7. Personally I would invest in renewable/alternative energy companies, gold (even Andrex ), if I was looking long term. Then liquidate the investment & let them choose an appropriate gift to celebrate, honour the occasion. Who knows what world will be living in 18 years from now? The twins may be more grateful for a regular supply of loo roll than a wristwatch when they are 18? Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be tying up 20K on an intended gift for someone 18 years from now.
  8. Lovely looking piece, suspect it’s one of their limited editions. Unable to help with identifying the model, give Julian (Poljot24) a buzz?, always found him very helpful.
  9. C65 manual diver. Cal: SW210-1, 19 jewel.
  10. Morning... Circa 1940 WWII British 'General Service Trade Pattern' PW. Cal: AS 1080, 15 jewel, 3 adj. A generous gift from Roger @RWP!
  11. Don’t know about that, rely extensively on ‘karrusel’s library’, along with trying to remember what those with far greater knowledge & experience have shared with me. Neverthless, horology is a fascinating subject that ‘sucks’ you in. Every day is a school day, for me certainly! Enjoy the journey.
  12. Believe the ‘T’ bar to be made by William Walter Cashmore, Warstone Lane/Hockley Hill, Birmingham. The ‘Dog Clip’ made by H.W.Ashford, Hylton Street, Birmingham. Birmingham has long been recognised for it’s Silversmithing & making quality watch chains. Not uncommon to see Albert Chains comprising of mismatched parts, the dog clips & T bars get the most wear. Similarly with the ‘Bow’ on the PW.
  13. On vintage Breguet you would be hard pushed to find a more detailed work on his timepieces, along with the development of the pocket watch. IMO... This also, albeit tech' heavy, has proved a useful reference... This provides a comprehensive guide to all models & calibres from the 1920's... If I can find an abridged version that I've put somewhere, I'll let you have it next time we bump into each other. Failing that, I'm sure I can pick up a copy sometime ? Am fortunate to be given/sent their annual year book, which often contai
  14. What a lovely rounded collection, Sir. Thanks for posting!
  15. Hi MECANIC was a brand name registered to de Chezard / E. Albaret, Chezard-St. Martin, Switzerland. The hallmarks inside the case show a London import mark for 1926, along with a sponsors mark which I believe is for George Stockwell & Company, 16-18 Finsbury St, EC. They were importers of Gold & Silver watch cases. Hope this helps ?
  16. As you say, would appear to be very good value. Let me know your assessment when it arrives? One’s library is never complete.
  17. Is membership of Marlow Fishing 'Club' free, Roger ?
  18. Morning... C9 MOONPHASE. Cal: JJ04 (modified 2836-2), 25 jewel. Old pic's due to bad light today...
  19. I respectfully disagree, particularly your statement “not really for collectors & enthusiasts” Getting involved & participating in these type of groups, associations, often leads to opportunities you wouldn’t normally experience. Roger has always strived to rebuild the British watch industry, the Swiss are taking a serious look to how things are now evolving. He has always been happy to share his knowledge & experiences, including newcomers to the industry. ”Watch it All About” has also attempted to bring upcoming British watch companies together, showcasing their
  20. From me ?..... Never, the Blancpain would be my first choice, followed by the Railmaster.
  21. Hoping there are more ‘white’ than black balls Bernie.
  22. Agreed! @Sulie must try harder.
  23. Morning... 1974 SEIKO 5, 6119-5460. Cal: 6119C, 21 jewel. Thanks "M" A song from the year...
  24. Completely agree with this ^^^^^^^! From my records, the movement (?) serial number places it within 1944. Omega timepieces from this era are generally bomb proof, particularly the 30T2** series. Look forward to some pictures.
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