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  1. Kari Voutilainen, Roger Smith, Vincent Calabrese, micro-brands(?)= yes! Masters of watchmaking(?)=unquestionably yes!!
  2. & the insurance company are offering you £2870 (vouchers)...wow!! Was it something special ?
  3. Me too with dobro players, particularly Jerry Douglas.
  4. @Caller. Thanks Phil, I do have the same reservations as yourself to the British exclusiveness? However, I do know first hand, the Swiss were miffed that a British manufacturer had brought a new movement to market. My understanding is that the SH21 was in development for 4 years(?).
  5. 1982 pocket watch?... let us know when you find one! Mechanical, forces issued, pocket watches had become obsolete by the end of the 1940’s. By 1980 British forces were equipped with those quartz powered wristwatches.
  6. Horology is such a vast subject that in several lifetimes you would still only scratch the surface! I endeavour to learn something (accurately) everyday. Something I now avoid.
  7. Think you need to do some more research before making blind statements. Do you know how many watchmakers (Swiss/British) actually made a ‘complete’ timepiece in 1800, 1900, 2000 ? Do you know how many watchmakers are ‘capable/skilled’ enough to make a complete timepiece in 1800, 1900, 2000 ?’ Do you know how many skills/processes are required in making a timepiece, particularly a pocket watch with multiple complications ?
  8. Not true I’m afraid! Currently & recently, we have/had the likes of Peter Neville Speake, Christopher Ward (SH21), George Daniels, Roger Pratt, Roger Smith. The majority of horological inventions were British, Robert Hooke, Richard Towneley, George Graham, John Harrison, Thomas Mudge, Thomas Tompian, John Arnold, Bahn Bonniksen, J. Player & Son, Friedlander, W. Pettit & Co, A. L. Dennison, John Harwood, etc, etc. I’m confident ‘British’ watchmakers will feature prominently in contributing towards future horological developments.
  9. Unable to comment, didn’t receive an invitation.
  10. Most definitely, IMHO. Few of my Ruskies... 1960's precision (Chronometer) Kopernik... Couple of my 3133's... Good man!
  11. Le Locle, lovely little Town steeped in horological history with much to see. Steep, winding roads & streets, close proximity of buildings, in many aspects not too dissimilar to Lyme Regis in Dorset. Including, little bit of home awaits should you ever visit...
  12. This, in your case, would be the sponsor’s mark, not the case maker.
  13. ETA 2452 calibre movement, 1960-early 70’s my best guess. Popular movement that was routinely used by many manufacturers at the time, including TUDOR. HTH
  14. Open up the dust cover(raised lip below & right of the crown) with your thumb nail. All will be revealed!
  15. Hi Suspect this PW to be of Swiss origin (?) the import marks indicate London 1922, too me. HTH
  16. Mikrolisk lists this information... Location and details Priora... J.B. Bourquand & Cie. / LigaWatch Factory Ltd. / Fabriquesd'Horlogerie Liga SA Uhrwerke, Gehäuse, Zifferblätter; Solothurn, Schweiz; registriert am 16.2.1927 Priora.... Ermano SA Solothurn, Schweiz HTH
  17. Impressive! Did you complete them all single-handedly?
  18. It certainly would be, restoring the enamel dial alone ‘professionally’ would be in the low £hundreds. Regrettably, on this occasion, I feel you have been given sound advice, IMHO. Just keep as an memento from a former distant relative.
  19. Pretty easy one for me, it was the ‘HARWOOD’, followed by several vintage pieces of old tat(?) Some I’ve been fortunate to acquire, others have been elusive due to either being extremely scarce or beyond my financial means. Modern (contemporary) timepieces, although I have a few, don’t really excite me like chasing, waiting, for a piece of old tat! Vintage rules in Karrrusel Towers.
  20. Different enough ...most definitely Yes! Build quality, range of models, ‘pricing’, customer service, IMHO have yet to find better ‘all round’ package. Believe me, as someone who has seen, handled, & owned a couple from other manufacturers, when I say they are excellent value for money (if their range appeals to you?). PS... Currently own 12 of their models, so perhaps a tad biased ?
  21. Following an invitation to the Omega manufacture in Biel I was also treated to a tour of the Omega Museum. Here I was shown some of the first issued 'Official Speedmaster Moonwatch'... RIP
  22. Afraid all I can do is add to the confusion? The movement which I agree as made by Hinksman, Madeley, Shropshire. & typical of mid to late 18th century timepiece. The case maker I am unable to determine with any certainty as the marks (presented) do not appear in any of my references, sadly. If they being Chester marks for 1754/1779? there is a missing stamp, the additional City mark. There is also the possibility the movement was recased at a later date, as many cases were scrapped/sold for their precious metal content? Personally I would keep as is, a fam
  23. Lovely timepiece Steve UN have an unrivalled reputation for producing complications, particularly chronometers when it was essential for nautical travel. IIRC, UN has won more(?) certificates for excellence at the Neuchatel Observatory than any other manufacturer. Have always admired their dedication to producing quality mechanisms. This was cemented for me when I had the opportunity to handle & view some of their prize winning creations (vintage) at Chateau des Monts, Le locle. Wear in good health.
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